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Product ImageCM6327A USB mono ADC with mono Mic-In CmediaDatasheet
Product ImageHS-100B USB Audio Codec improved on HS-100 with crystal-less designCmedia
Product ImageCM6400 USB audio codec with H/W EQ and MIC AGCCmedia
Product ImageTP094003-1 High Temp Piezo Transducer; Resonant Frequency: 4000Hz; Rated Voltage: 3V; SPL @ 10cm: 65dBADB Unlimited
Product ImageCM6631A USB 2.0 High-Speed True HD Audio ProcessorCmediaDatasheet
Product ImageCM108B USB Audio Codec improved on CM108AH with crystal-less designCmediaDatasheet
Product ImageICS-40619 High Dynamic Range Microphone with Differential Output and Low PowerInvenSenseDatasheet
Product ImageCM7001 ENC / AEC for HandsetCmediaDatasheet
Product ImageCM119B USB Audio Codec improved on CM119A with crystal-less designCmediaDatasheet
Product ImageCM7001N ENC / AEC for PeripheralCmediaDatasheet
Product ImageCM6533 USB 2.0 audio chip w/ integrated Tri-Colors PWM LEDCmediaDatasheet
Product ImageCM6500B Cmedia CM6500B Audio ChipCmediaDatasheet
Product ImageWT32I-A-AI6 BLE 802.15.1 Module Class1 BT 3.0, Audio Module Int AntSilicon LabsDatasheet
Product ImageCM6317A USB stereo ADC with stereo Mic-In CmediaDatasheet
Product ImageCM6510B CM6500 + EQ + AGC + I2S I/F (One-way 2CH 24bit/96KHz)CmediaDatasheet
Product ImageDVF99195AE3CBC DSPG VoIP high end solution SoCDSP GroupDatasheet
Product ImageWT32I-A-AI6IAP BLE 802.15.1 Module Class1 BT 3.0, Audio Module Int Ant for AppleSilicon LabsDatasheet
Product ImageCM6535 CM6535 USB 2.0 Audio Chip with Tri-Colors PWM LED driverCmediaDatasheet
Product ImageTE102803-1 Electro-Mechanical Transducer; Resonant Frequency: 2830Hz; Rated Voltage: 3.6V; SPL @ 10cm: 93dBADB Unlimited
Product ImageSM160908-1 Round Dynamic Micro Speaker; 900 ~ 20,000Hz; SPL @ 10cm: 96dBADB Unlimited
Product ImageCM119A USB audio codec with I2C/GPIOsCmedia
Product ImageALC262-VD2-GR 2ch HD Audio CodecRealtekDatasheet
Product ImageICS-40310 Ultra-low Current, Low-Noise Microphone with Analog OutputInvenSenseDatasheet
Product ImageALC5640-VB-CG Multi-Channel Audio Hub/CODECRealtekDatasheet
Product ImageALC5672-VB-CG Realtek ALC5672-VB-CGRealtekDatasheet