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Product ImageCM6500B Cmedia CM6500B Audio ChipCmediaDatasheet
Product ImageCM6327A USB mono ADC with mono Mic-In CmediaDatasheet
Product ImageHS-100B USB Audio Codec improved on HS-100 with crystal-less designCmedia
Product ImageCM6400 USB audio codec with H/W EQ and MIC AGCCmedia
Product ImageSM280708-1 Round Dynamic Micro Speaker; 700 ~ 10,000Hz; SPL @ 10cm: 83dBADB Unlimited
Product ImageCM7001 ENC / AEC for HandsetCmediaDatasheet
Product ImageCM6631A USB 2.0 High-Speed True HD Audio ProcessorCmediaDatasheet
Product ImageICS-40619 High Dynamic Range Microphone with Differential Output and Low PowerInvenSenseDatasheet
Product ImageWT32I-A-AI6 BLE 802.15.1 Module Class1 BT 3.0, Audio Module Int AntSilicon LabsDatasheet
Product ImageCM108B USB Audio Codec improved on CM108AH with crystal-less designCmediaDatasheet
Product ImageCM119B USB Audio Codec improved on CM119A with crystal-less designCmediaDatasheet
Product ImageCM7001N ENC / AEC for PeripheralCmediaDatasheet
Product ImageTE082603-2 Electro-Mechanical Transducer; Resonant Frequency: 2670Hz; Rated Voltage: 3.6V; SPL @ 10cm: 90dBADB Unlimited
Product ImageDVF99195AE3CBC DSPG VoIP high end solution SoCDSP GroupDatasheet
Product ImageCM119A USB audio codec with I2C/GPIOsCmedia
Product ImageWT32I-A-AI6IAP BLE 802.15.1 Module Class1 BT 3.0, Audio Module Int Ant for AppleSilicon LabsDatasheet
Product ImageCM119BN Low Cost USB Audio Controller PC Internet PhoneCmediaDatasheet
Product ImageCM6533N USB 2.0 Full Speed AudioCmediaDatasheet
Product ImageCM6533 USB 2.0 audio chip w/ integrated Tri-Colors PWM LEDCmediaDatasheet
Product ImageICS-40310 Ultra-low Current, Low-Noise Microphone with Analog OutputInvenSenseDatasheet
Product ImageWT32I-A-AI6-APTX BLE 802.15.1 Module Class1 BT 3.0, Audio Module Int Ant APTXSilicon LabsDatasheet
Product ImageHS-100 USB Audio CodecCmedia
Product ImageALC262-VD2-GR 2ch HD Audio CodecRealtekDatasheet
Product ImageCM9882A 8CH HDA Codec (For CM6620/A or CM8828 Companion Chip)CmediaDatasheet
Product ImageCM6632A USB 2.0 High-Definition Audio ProcessorCmediaDatasheet