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Category: Hall Linear Sensors
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HAL815UT-A-2-B-1-00 Linear Hall Sensor Programmable TO92UTMicronasProduct Brief
HAL3736DJ-A-4-R-8 3D Hall-Effect Sensor PWM By Bz SOIC8MicronasProduct Brief
HAL2425UT-A-2-B-1-00 Linear Hall Sensor Analog 3 Wire TO92UTMicronasDatasheet
HAL830UT-A-2-B-1-00 HAL830UT-A Linear Hall Effect Sensor Analog TO92UTMicronasDatasheetProduct Brief
HAL835UT-A-2-B-1-00 Linear Hall Sensor Analog PWM TO92UTMicronasDatasheetProduct Brief
HAL810UT-A-2-B-1-00 Linear Hall Sensor PWM 3 Wire TO92UMicronasProduct Brief
HAL3725DJ-A 3D Hall-Effect Sensor Analog Bx By SOIC8MicronasProduct Brief
HAL3727DJ-A 3D Hall-Effect Sensor Analog Bx Bz SOIC8MicronasProduct Brief
iC-ML TSSOP20 Hall Position Sensor ArrayiC-HausDatasheet
HAL401SF-A-4-R-1-00 HAL401SF-A Linear Hall Sensor Analog Differential 4 Wire SOT89MicronasDatasheet
HAL3726DJ-A-4-R-8-00-HATB 3D Hall-Effect Sensor Analog By Bz SOIC8MicronasProduct Brief
HAL2850UT-A-2-B-1-00 Linear Hall Sensor PWM 3 Wire TO92UTMicronasProduct Brief
HAL2455UT-A Linear Hall Sensor PWM 3 Wire TO92UTMicronasDatasheet
HAL3725UP-A 3D Hall-Effect Sensor Analog, 3-Wire Bx By TO92UPMicronasProduct Brief
HAL3735UP-A-2-A-2-00-HATB-0604-MI-UKA 3D Hall-Effect Sensor PWM, 3-Wire Bx By TO92UPMicronasProduct Brief
MA300GQ-P All-in-one solution for 3-phase block commutation in BLDC motorsMonolithic Power S...Datasheet
6322005 Axial Disc Magnet for Micronas Linear Position Hall Effect SensorsMISC.Datasheet
HAL-EXT-4-0 Micronas Extension 4.0 BoardMicronas
HAL-USB-KIT Hall Sensor USB ProgrammerMicronas
HALL-SENSOR-IN-A-BOX-KIT-001 Hall Sensor In-A-Box Development Kit - Hal37xy Hal24xyMicronasDatasheet
iC-ML EVAL ML1D Evaluation Board iC-ML (incl. 2 samples)iC-HausDatasheet
CTANK-M110 Connect Tank Liquid Level Sensor Cellular CDMA, 3G GSM Output Male 1" (25.4mm) NPTDigi International
HAC830CVM HAC830CVM Programmable Linear Hall Sensor with Integrated CapsMicronasDatasheet
HAC830CVMA-2-A-2 HAC830CVMA-2-A-2 Board Mount Hall Effect / Magnetic Sensors Linear Hall-Effect Sensor, Inline Straig...MicronasDatasheet