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Category: Bluetooth Low Energy
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MTCDT-246A-US-EU-GB AEP Programmable Gateway GNSS w/US/EU/UK Accessory KitMulti-TechDatasheet
NRF52810-QCAA-R NRF52810-QCAA-R QFN 32-pin 5X5 Bluetooth 5/ANT/2.4GNordic SemiconductorDatasheetProduct Brief
SLEXP8027A Zero Programming Bluetooth Xpress BGX13P Starter KitSilicon LabsDatasheet
BGM13P32F512GA-V2 Blue Gecko Bluetooth® ModuleSilicon LabsDatasheet
EYSLCNZWW Wireless Module Bluetooth® low energy (BLE)Taiyo YudenProduct Brief
NRF51822-QFAA-R7 BLE/2.4GHz SoC 256kB/16kB DC/DC QFN 6 x 6 48 Pin 7" Reel Rev 3Nordic SemiconductorDatasheet
ANLTE3-10HRA LTE Antenna, 7.5" (1dBi) (10 Pack)Multi-Tech
EBSHSNZWZ Evaluation Board For EYSHSNZWZTaiyo Yuden
FCM9000SE-100 FC9000 Module with external antenna connector, FCC certified, Wi-Fi certifiedSilicon Motion
MTCDT-LAT1-247A-US LTE AEP Programmable Gateway GNSS+WIFI/BT w/US Accessory Kit (AT&T)Multi-TechDatasheet
SLWSTK6101C Blue Gecko Bluetooth module Wireless Starter Kit with BGM121 SIP Module and BGM111 Radio BoardsSilicon LabsDatasheet
DKBLE Bluetooth Smart BLE Module Dev KitSilicon Labs
DKBT BT121 Long Range BT 4.1 Smart Ready Module Dev KitSilicon Labs
EKSHSNZWZ Bluetooth 5 Ultra-Small Module, 802.15.1 BLE 5.0 Eval KitTaiyo Yuden
M1-PROTOTYPING-SANDBOX-SILAB-R Medium One Prototyping Sandbox with SiLabs Thunderboard Sense 2 and Raspberry Pi 3Medium OneDatasheetProduct Brief
MTCDT-246L-US-EU-GB mLinux Programmable Gateway GNSS w/US/EU/UK Accessory KitMulti-TechDatasheet
MTCDT-LVW2-246L-US LTE mLinux Programmable Gateway GNSS w/US Accessory Kit (Verizon)Multi-TechDatasheet
NRF8001-R2Q32-T Bluetooth low energy Connectivity ICNordic Semiconductor
RD-0057-0201 ThunderBoard ReactSilicon Labs
BGX13S22GA-V21 Zero-programming Bluetooth Xpress Small SIP ModuleSilicon LabsDatasheet
EYSLSNZWW Wireless Module Bluetooth® low energy (BLE)Taiyo Yuden
MTCDT-LAT1-246A-US LTE AEP Programmable Gateway GNSS w/US Accessory Kit (AT&T)Multi-TechDatasheet
NRF8001-R2Q32-R NRF8001-R2Q32-R Single mode Bluetooth low energy slave connectivity-on-chip solution with integrated...Nordic SemiconductorDatasheet
SENSOR-PUCK Silicon Labs Sensor PuckSilicon Labs
53316-02 BlueMod+S (BLE 4.1) Terminal ITelitDatasheet