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Category: Bluetooth Low Energy
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NRF52810-QCAA-R NRF52810-QCAA-R QFN 32-pin 5X5 Bluetooth 5/ANT/2.4GNordic SemiconductorDatasheetProduct Brief
SLEXP8027A Zero Programming Bluetooth Xpress BGX13P Starter KitSilicon LabsDatasheet
BGM13P32F512GA-V2 Blue Gecko Bluetooth® ModuleSilicon LabsDatasheet
EYSLCNZWW Wireless Module Bluetooth® low energy (BLE)Taiyo YudenProduct Brief
NRF52810-QFAA-R NRF52810-QFAA-R QFN 48-pin 6X6 Bluetooth 5/ANT/2.4G 13" ReelNordic SemiconductorDatasheetProduct Brief
NRF51822-QFAA-R7 BLE/2.4GHz SoC 256kB/16kB DC/DC QFN 6 x 6 48 Pin 7" Reel Rev 3Nordic SemiconductorDatasheet
EBSHSNZWZ Evaluation Board For EYSHSNZWZTaiyo Yuden
MTCDT-LAT1-247A-US LTE AEP Programmable Gateway GNSS+WIFI/BT w/US Accessory Kit (AT&T)Multi-TechDatasheet
SLWSTK6101C Blue Gecko Bluetooth module Wireless Starter Kit with BGM121 SIP Module and BGM111 Radio BoardsSilicon LabsDatasheet
ANLTE3-10HRA LTE Antenna, 7.5" (1dBi) (10 Pack)Multi-Tech
DKBLE Bluetooth Smart BLE Module Dev KitSilicon Labs
DKBT BT121 Long Range BT 4.1 Smart Ready Module Dev KitSilicon Labs
EKSHSNZWZ Bluetooth 5 Ultra-Small Module, 802.15.1 BLE 5.0 Eval KitTaiyo Yuden
M1-PROTOTYPING-SANDBOX-SILAB-R Medium One Prototyping Sandbox with SiLabs Thunderboard Sense 2 and Raspberry Pi 3Medium OneDatasheetProduct Brief
MTCDT-246L-US-EU-GB mLinux Programmable Gateway GNSS w/US/EU/UK Accessory KitMulti-TechDatasheet
MTCDT-LAT1-246A-US LTE AEP Programmable Gateway GNSS w/US Accessory Kit (AT&T)Multi-TechDatasheet
MTCDT-LVW2-246L-US LTE mLinux Programmable Gateway GNSS w/US Accessory Kit (Verizon)Multi-TechDatasheet
NRF8001-R2Q32-T Bluetooth low energy Connectivity ICNordic Semiconductor
RD-0057-0201 ThunderBoard ReactSilicon Labs
BGX13S22GA-V21 Zero-programming Bluetooth Xpress Small SIP ModuleSilicon LabsDatasheet
EYSLSNZWW Wireless Module Bluetooth® low energy (BLE)Taiyo Yuden
NRF51822-BEACON Demo/Development Kit for Bluetooth Smart BeaconsNordic Semiconductor
NRF8001-R2Q32-R NRF8001-R2Q32-R Single mode Bluetooth low energy slave connectivity-on-chip solution with integrated...Nordic SemiconductorDatasheet
53316-02 BlueMod+S (BLE 4.1) Terminal ITelitDatasheet
53330-02 BlueMod+S (BLE 4.1) ADC PeriphTelitDatasheet