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Product ImageBT121-A-V2-IAPC Long Range Bluetooth Smart Ready ModuleSilicon LabsDatasheet
Product ImageBT121-A-V2C Bluetooth / 802.15.1 Modules BluetoothSmart Ready BT121 w/antenaSilicon LabsDatasheet
Product ImageBT121A-V2-P1200 Long Range Bluetooth Smart Ready ModuleSilicon LabsDatasheet
Product ImageCC-SB-WMX-J97 ConnectCore 6 SBC, i.MX6Quad, Ext Commercial, 1.2 GHzDigi InternationalDatasheet
Product ImageCC-SB-WMX-KK8D ConnectCore 6+ SBCDigi International
Product ImageCC-SB-WMX-L87C ConnectCore 6 SBC, i.MX6DualDigi International
Product ImageCC-SBE-WMX-JN58 ConnectCore 6UL SBC ExpressDigi InternationalDatasheet
Product ImageCC-WMX-JN7A-NE ConnectCore i.MX6UL w/ 1G RAM, 1G Flash, Ethernet, 802.11a/b/g/n/ac, Bluetooth 4.2Digi International
Product ImageDKBLE112 Bluetooth Low Energy Development Kit for the BLE112 BLE module familySilicon LabsDatasheet
Product ImageDKBT BT121 Long Range BT 4.1 Smart Ready Module Dev KitSilicon Labs
Product ImageDKBT111 Eval Board for BT111 SmartReady HCI (dual mode)Silicon LabsDatasheet
Product ImageDKWT32I-A WT32i Bluetooth Audio Development KitSilicon Labs
Product ImageEBSGCNAWY-VX Evaluation Board for Bluetooth® low energy module EYSGCNAWY-VX.Taiyo YudenDatasheet
Product ImageEBSGJNAWY-VX Evaluation Board for Bluetooth® low energy module EYSGJNAWY-VXTaiyo YudenDatasheet
Product ImageEBSHSNZWZ Evaluation Board For EYSHSNZWZTaiyo Yuden
Product ImageEBSKBNUWB-WX Evaluation Board for Bluetooth® low energy module EYSKBNUWB-WXTaiyo Yuden
Product ImageEBSKBNZWB Evaluation board for EYSKBNZWB: Bluetooth Low Energy 5.0 Module, nRF52840, On-board antenna, FCC, IC...Taiyo YudenDatasheet
Product ImageEBSKJNZWB Evaluation Board for Bluetooth® low energy (BLE) module EYSKJNZWBTaiyo YudenDatasheet
Product ImageEBWT11-A WT11 Bluetooth Evaluation Board with WT11-A module (integrated antenna)Silicon LabsDatasheetProduct Brief
Product ImageEBWT11-A-EHEALTH WT11 Class 1 Bluetooth module Evaluation Board with HDP firmware with IEEE AgentsSilicon Labs
Product ImageEBWT11-E WT11 Class 1 Evaluation Board with WT11-E module (U.FL connector)Silicon LabsDatasheetProduct Brief
Product ImageEBWT11I WT11i Bluetooth Evaluation Board with WT11i-A module (integrated antenna)Silicon LabsProduct Brief
Product ImageEBWT11I-A Eval Board for WT11i Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR, Class 1 ModuleSilicon LabsProduct Brief
Product ImageEBWT32-A WT32 Audio Evaluation BoardSilicon LabsDatasheet
Product ImageEBWT41-A WT41 Long Range Bluetooth Module Evaluation Kit with integrated WT41 moduleSilicon LabsDatasheetProduct Brief