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NL-SW-GPRS Skywire Cellular Modem, 2G GSM/GPRS Class 10 module, XBEE form factorNimbeLinkDatasheetProduct Brief
NL-SW-HSPAP Skywire™ Cellular Modem, HSPA+, XBEE form factorNimbeLinkDatasheet
NL-SW-LTE-TEUG Modem Module Embedded 3.9V 20-PinNimbeLinkDatasheet
NL-SWDK-1xRTT-V Skywire™ Dev Kit, CDMA 1xRTT, Verizon, with NL-MSM-1xRTT-V moduleNimbeLink
NL-SWDK-EVDO-V Skywire™ Dev Kit, CDMA EVDO, Verizon, with NL-SW-EVDO-V moduleNimbeLinkDatasheetProduct Brief
NL-SWDK-GPRS Skywire™ Dev Kit, GSM GPRS, with NL-SW-GPRS moduleNimbeLinkDatasheetProduct Brief
NL-SWDK-HSPAP Skywire™ Dev Kit, HSPA+, with NL-SWDK-HSPAP moduleNimbeLink
NRF6909 NRF6909 nRFready R/C Racing 2.4GHz Reference DesignNordic Semiconductor
PW205010001B Lantronix PW205010001BLantronixDatasheet
PW205020001B Lantronix PW205020001BLantronixDatasheet
PW205020001S Lantronix PW205020001SLantronixDatasheet
PW205030001B Enterprise 5G (802.11ac) Wi-Fi for Business Critical IoTLantronixDatasheet
PWGG2051000B Lantronix PWGG2051000BLantronixDatasheet
RS9110-N-11-22-04-EVB Evaluation Kit for the RS9110-N-11-22Redpine SignalsDatasheet
RS9110-N-11-28-04 Redpine Signals RS9110-N-11-28-04Redpine SignalsDatasheet
RS9113-N00-D1N RS9113-N00-D1N n-Link Module Dual Band 2.4/5 Ghz with embedded AntennaRedpine SignalsProduct Brief
RTL8711AF-VB1-CG Ameba series, IoT Low-Energy SoCRealtekDatasheet
SGX5150102US Lantronix SGX5150102USLantronixDatasheet
SGX5150103US Lantronix SGX5150103USLantronixDatasheet
SGX5150205US Lantronix SGX5150205USLantronixDatasheet
Si2181-B60-GMR Silicon Labs DVB-S2/S2X/T/C/S/ISDB-T demodulatorSilicon Labs
UE910N3G206T701 UE910-N3G w/12.00.426TelitDatasheet
W7500 ARM Cortex-M0 Core + Hardwired TCP/IP + MAC 128KB Flash, 16KB SRAMWIZnetDatasheet
WGM110A1MV2R Silicon Labs WGM110A1MV2RSilicon LabsDatasheet
XPP100300S-04R XPort Pro Device Networking Module, Linux OS, AES Encryption, 16MB SRAM, Extended Temperature, RoHS,...LantronixDatasheet