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Category: Development Toolbox
Manufacturer: NimbeLink
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Product ImageNL-SWAK Skywire Arduino Kit, XBEE form factorNimbeLink
Product ImageNL-SWDK-1XRTT-V Skywire™ Dev Kit, CDMA 1xRTT, Verizon, with NL-MSM-1xRTT-V moduleNimbeLink
Product ImageNL-SWDK-EVDO-V Skywire™ Dev Kit, CDMA EVDO, Verizon, with NL-SW-EVDO-V moduleNimbeLinkDatasheetProduct Brief
Product ImageNL-SWDK-GPRS Skywire™ Dev Kit, GSM GPRS, with NL-SW-GPRS moduleNimbeLinkDatasheetProduct Brief