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Product ImageNRF9160-SICA-R nRF9160 LTE-M/NB-IoT Cellular IoT System-in-Package SiPNordic SemiconductorDatasheetProduct Brief
Product ImageNRF9160-DK nRF9160 LTE-M/NB-IoT+ GPS & BLE Development KitNordic SemiconductorDatasheet
Product Image3990150576 SE868 V3 Evaluation KitTelitDatasheet
Product Image3990150577 EVK-SL871L-S Evaluation KitTelit
Product Image3990150657 TELIT EVK Charlie OE2 IoT Dev KitTelitDatasheet
Product ImageCC-WMX6UL-KIT CONNECTCORE I.MX6UL DEV KITDigi InternationalDatasheet
Product ImageCC6-CONNECTIVITY-IN-A-BOX CC6 Wireless Connectivity In-A-Box KitDigi InternationalProduct Brief
Product ImageDKAPX4 Dev Kit for APx4 SoM for 802.11 b/g/n and BluetoothSilicon LabsProduct Brief
Product ImageEBSHCNZWZ Evaluation Board for EYSHCNZWZ: Bluetooth Low Energy 5.0 Module, On-board antenna, FCC, ISED, JAPAN...Taiyo Yuden
Product ImageEBSHJNZWZ Evaluation Board for EYSHJNZWZ: Bluetooth Low Energy 5.0 Module, On-board antenna, FCC, ISED, JAPAN...Taiyo Yuden
Product ImageEKSHJNZWZ Evaluation Kit for EYSHJNZWZ: Bluetooth Low Energy 5.0 Module, On-board antenna, FCC, ISED, JAPAN C...Taiyo Yuden
Product ImageEKSKJNZWB Evaluation Kit for Bluetooth® low energy (BLE) module EYSKJNZWBTaiyo YudenDatasheet
Product ImageHSPA910CF DVI Evaluation Kit v1.0 Terminus Plug-In Series HSPA910CF Terminal ModemJanus
Product ImageHSPA910CFV1.0-EVAL KIT Janus HSPA910CFV1.0-EVAL KITJanus
Product ImageMT100EOCG-DK MultiConnect OCG-E Embedded Developer KitMulti-TechDatasheet
Product ImageMT100EOCG-PCIE-SP Development Gateway for Bluetooth/Wi-Fi Models 1 PkMulti-TechDatasheet
Product ImageMTOCG-BOB-DK Programmable Gateway Break-Out Board (MTCDP & MT100EOCG)Multi-Tech
Product ImageMTSMI-UDK SocketModem Developer Kit - Serial/USB/EthernetMulti-TechDatasheet
Product ImageNL-M1DK Skywire CAT M1 Development KitNimbeLinkDatasheetProduct Brief
Product ImageNL-M1DK-ES Skywire CAT M1 Development Kit - Engineering Sample StatusNimbeLinkDatasheetProduct Brief
Product ImageNL-SWAK Skywire Arduino Kit, XBEE form factorNimbeLink
Product ImageNL-SWDK-1XRTT-V Skywire™ Dev Kit, CDMA 1xRTT, Verizon, with NL-MSM-1xRTT-V moduleNimbeLink
Product ImageNL-SWDK-EVDO-V Skywire™ Dev Kit, CDMA EVDO, Verizon, with NL-SW-EVDO-V moduleNimbeLinkDatasheetProduct Brief
Product ImageNL-SWDK-GPRS Skywire™ Dev Kit, GSM GPRS, with NL-SW-GPRS moduleNimbeLinkDatasheetProduct Brief
Product ImageNL-SWNDK Skywire™ Development Kit, Skywire Nano form factor. Includes NL-SWN-LTE-NRF9160 ModemNimbeLinkDatasheetProduct Brief