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Category: External Cellular Gateways / Modems
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LE922A6-A1 Routers & Gateways LE922A6-A1 Routers & GatewaysTelitDatasheet
GW-357-1 Telegesis Gateway GW357-1, ETRX357 moduleSilicon LabsDatasheet
GW-357-2 Telegesis Gateway GW357-2, ETRSilicon LabsDatasheet
GW-358-3-BD Silicon labs GatewaySilicon Labs
LR54-AA401 Digi TransPort LR54, LTE-A Cat 6, 4 port Gigabit switch, power supply and antenna includedDigi InternationalDatasheetProduct Brief
MT200A2W-H5-EU HSPA+ Series 200 A-to-W Converter with EU Accessory KitMulti-TechDatasheet
MT200A2W-H5-GB HSPA+ Series 200 A-to-W Converter with UK Accessory KitMulti-TechDatasheet
MT200A2W-H5-US HSPA+ Series 200 A-to-W Converter with US Accessory KitMulti-TechDatasheet
MTC-C2-B06-N16 1xRTT Modem (RS-232) without Accessories AerisMulti-TechDatasheet
MTC-C2-B06-N16-US 1xRTT Modem (RS-232) with US Accessory Kit AerisMulti-TechDatasheet
MTC-C2-B06-N2 1xRTT Modem (RS-232) without Accessories (Sprint)Multi-TechDatasheet
MTC-C2-B06-N2-US 1xRTT Modem (RS-232) with US Accessory Kit (Sprint)Multi-TechDatasheet
MTC-C2-B08-N16-KIT 1xRTT Modem (USB) with USB Accessory Kit AerisMulti-TechDatasheet
MTC-C2-B08-N2-KIT 1xRTT Modem (USB) with USB Accessory Kit (Sprint)Multi-TechDatasheet
MTC-G3-B06 Modem Only (RS-232)Multi-TechDatasheet
MTC-G3-B06-EU-GB Modem with EU/UK Accessory Kit (RS-232)Multi-TechDatasheet
MTC-G3-B08-KIT Modem with USB Accessory KitMulti-TechDatasheet
MTC-H5-B01 Modem Only (RS-232)Multi-TechDatasheet
MTCDP-GP-DK-1.0 Non-cellular Programmable Gateway Developer Kit with GPSMulti-TechDatasheet
MTCDP-H5-1.0 HSPA+ Programmable Gateway w/o AccessoriesMulti-TechDatasheet
MTCDP-H5-GP-1.0 HSPA+ Programmable Gateway with GPS without AccessoriesMulti-TechDatasheet
MTCDP-H5-GP-DK-1.0 HSPA+ Programmable Gateway Developer Kit w/GPSMulti-TechDatasheet
MTCDT-H5-210L-US-EU-GB Conduit HSPA+ mLinux Programmable Gateway with US, EU & UK Accessory KitMulti-TechDatasheet
MTDOT-868-M1-TRC-100 868 MHz SMT LoRa RF PadMulti-TechDatasheet
MTDOT-868-M1-UFL-100 868 MHz SMT LoRa UFMulti-TechDatasheet