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Product ImageGE210HICJ23HM G-Series SoC Dual-core 1.0GHz, Radeon HD8210E, 300MHz, Max TDP 9WAMDProduct Brief
Product ImageGE210HIZJ23JB AMD G-Series LX GX-210HL w/ 1CU GPU / 7W iTempAMDDatasheet
Product ImageGE210JIHJ23HM G-Series SoC Dual-core 1.0GHz, Radeon HD8180, 225MHz, Max TDP 6WAMDProduct Brief
Product ImageGE210KIVJ23JB AMD G-Series LX GX-210KL w/ 1CU GPU / 4.5WAMDProduct Brief
Product ImageGE210UIGJ23HM AMD Crowned Eagle GX-210U 2C, 1.0GHz 8.5WAMD
Product ImageGE212JIYJ23JB G-Series SoC Steppe Eagle GX-212JC, 1.2GHz 2C 6.0WAMD
Product ImageGE215JAWY23AC AMD G-Series GX-215JJ w/ 2CU GPU / 6-10WAMDDatasheet
Product ImageGE217GAAY23KA AMD G-Series I-Family GX-217GI w/ GPU / 15WAMDDatasheet
Product ImageGE217GIBJ23HM G-Series SoC Dual-core 1.65GHz, Radeon HD8280E, 450MHz, Max TDP 15WAMDProduct Brief
Product ImageGE218GITJ23JB AMD G-Series LX GX-218GL w/ 1CU GPU / 15WAMDDatasheet
Product ImageGE218TIBJ23HM AMD Crowned Eagle/Bhavani GX-218TF, 2C 1.8GHz 15WAMD
Product ImageGE224IAVY23AC AMD G-Series GX-224IJ w/ 3CU GPU / 10-15WAMDDatasheet
Product ImageGE224PIXJ23JB AMD Crowned Eagle/Bhavani GX-208VF, 2C 0.8GHz 4WAMD
Product ImageGE410VIZJ44JB AMD Crowned Eagle GX-410VC, 4C 1.0GHz 7W i-tempAMD
Product ImageGE412HIYJ44JB G-Series SoC Steppe Eagle GX-412HC, 1.2GHz 4C 7.0WAMDProduct Brief
Product ImageGE412TIYJ44JB G-Series SoC Steppe Eagle GX-412TC, 1.2GHz 4C 6W, No GPUAMDProduct Brief
Product ImageGE415GIBJ44HM G-Series SoC Quad-core 1.5GHz, Radeon HD8330E, 500MHz, Max TDP 15WAMDProduct Brief
Product ImageGE416RIBJ44HM G-series SoC Quad-core 1.6GHz, CPU only, Max TDP 15WAMDProduct Brief
Product ImageGE420CIAJ44HM G-Series SoC Quad-core 2.0GHz, Radeon HD8400E, 600MHz, Max TDP 25WAMDProduct Brief
Product ImageGE420MIXJ44JB G-Series SoC Steppe Eagle GX-420MC, 2.0GHz 4C 25W, No GPUAMDProduct Brief
Product ImageGE424CIXJ44JB G-Series SoC Steppe Eagle GX-424CC, 2.4GHz 4C 25WAMD
Product ImageGET16RFWB12GVE T16R G-Series 1 Core 615 MHz Processor APUAMD
Product ImageGET24LFQB12GVE T24L e64 G-Series APU 1 Core 1.0 GHz ProcessorAMD
Product ImageGET30LGBB12GVE T30L e64 G-Series APU 1 Core 1.4 GHz ProcessorAMD
Product ImageGET40EFSB22GVE T40E e64 G-Series APU 2 Core 1.0 GHz ProcessorAMD