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Category: Sensors
Manufacturer: iC-Haus
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IC-MU DFN16-5x5 Magnetic Off-Axis Absolute Position EncoderiC-HausDatasheet
iC-MH QFN28 12-Bit Hall EncoderiC-HausDatasheet
iC-MA DFN10 8-Bit Angular Hall Sensor / EncoderiC-HausDatasheet
IC-MHL200 TSSOP20 12-Bit Linear Position Hall Encode ICiC-HausDatasheet
iC-LFL OBGA LFL1C 256x1 Linear Image Sensor 140iC-HausDatasheet
iC-ML TSSOP20 Hall Position Sensor ArrayiC-HausDatasheet
IC-TW11 QFN16-4X4 10-Bit Ultra Power Magnetic Absolute RotaryiC-HausDatasheet
iC-VP TO18-4L iC-Haus IC-VPTO18-4L Photoswitch with Adjustable SensitivityiC-HausDatasheet
IC-MH8 QFN28-5x5 12 Bit Angular Hall Encoder with Sin/Cos OutputsiC-HausDatasheet
IC-LF OBGA LF3C 128x1 Linear Image Sensor 1401iC-HausDatasheet
IC-LFH640 oBGA LFH2C High-Resolution Linear Image SensorsiC-HausDatasheet
iC-PR1456 oQFN24-4x4 3-Ch. Reflective Encoder 14-25iC-HausDatasheet
iC-PR4307 oQFN24-4x4 3-Ch. Reflective Encoder 43-72iC-HausDatasheet
IC-DX3 DFN6-2X2 iC-Haus IC-DX3DFN6-2X2iC-HausDatasheet
iC-HO QFN32-5x5 General Purpose Sensor InterfaceiC-Haus
IC-LFS cDFN10 32x1 Linear Image Sensor w. Electronic ShutteriC-HausDatasheet
IC-LO EVAL L01D iC-LO Triangulation Sensor Eval BoardiC-HausDatasheet
IC-LO OBGA L01C Fully Integrated Triangulation Sensor with Switching OutputiC-HausDatasheet
IC-LQNP CDFN6 Pulse/AC Light Sensor With Dual OutputiC-HausDatasheet
iC-LQNP TO18-4L Pulse/AC Light Sensor With Dual OutputiC-HausDatasheet
iC-LSB OBGA LS2C Active Photo. Array (1024 PPR)iC-HausDatasheet
IC-LSB OBGA LS2C-7R Active Photo Array IC-LSBOBGALS2C-7RiC-HausDatasheet
IC-LSB OBGA LS2C-8R Active Photo Array IC-LSBOBGALS2C-8RiC-HausDatasheet