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ICG-20660L High Performance 6-Axis Motion Tracking device with Ehanced Electronic OISInvenSenseProduct Brief
ICM-20600 High Performance 6-Axis MEMS MotionTracking™ DeviceInvenSenseDatasheet
ICM-20601 World’s First Wide-Range 6-Axis MotionTracking DeviceInvenSenseDatasheet
ICM-20608-G 6-axis MotionTracking deviceInvenSenseProduct Brief
ICM-20609 High Performance 6-Axis MEMS MotionTracking™ DeviceInvenSenseDatasheet
ICM-20649 Wide-Range 6-Axis MEMS MotionTracking™ DeviceInvenSenseDatasheet
ICM-20689 High Performance 6-Axis MEMS MotionTracking™ DeviceInvenSenseDatasheet
ICM-20789 ICM-20789 High Performance 7-Axis MEMS Motion Sensor and Pressure Sensor ComboInvenSenseDatasheetDatasheet
ICM-30630 World’s First Tri-Core 6-Axis MotionTracking SolutionInvenSenseProduct Brief
ICM-30670 World's First OIS+UI Solution with Integrated Sensor HubInvenSenseDatasheetProduct Brief
ICM-42605 6-Axis Flagship Motion SensorInvenSenseDatasheetProduct Brief
ICP-10110 High Accuracy, Low Power, Waterproof Barometric Pressure and Temperature Sensor ICInvenSenseDatasheet
IDG-2030U Miniature Dual-Axis OIS Optimized MEMS GyroscopeInvenSenseDatasheetProduct Brief
ISZ-2510 Integrated Single Axis Digital-Output GyroscopeInvenSenseDatasheet
ITG-1010 Integrated Triple-Axis Digital-Output GyroscopeInvenSenseDatasheet
IXZ-2510 Integrated Dual Axis Digital-Output GyroscopeInvenSenseDatasheet
MPU-6000 3-axis gyroscope, 3-axis accelerometer in a 4x4x0.9 housingInvenSenseDatasheet
MPU-6050 Six-Axis (Gyro + Accelerometer) MEMS MotionTracking™ DeviceInvenSenseDatasheet
MPU-6500 Six-Axis (Gyro + Accelerometer) MEMS MotionTracking™ DevicesInvenSenseDatasheet
MPU-6515 6-Axis MEMS MotionTracking Device with DMPInvenSense
MPU-6881 6-axis MotionTracking™ deviceInvenSenseDatasheet