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Category: Ethernet
Manufacturer: Realtek
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RTL8305H-CG Single-Chip 5-Port Ethernet Switch Controller with HEAC TransceiverRealtek
RTL8019AS-LF-R SA Full-Duplex Ethernet Controller with Plug and Play FunctionRealtekDatasheet
RTL8211FS-CG Highly Integrated Ethernet TransceiverRealtek
RTL8211FD-CG Integrated 10/100/1000m Ethernet TransceiverRealtekDatasheet
RTL8153-VC-CG RTL8153-VC-CG Integrated 10/100/1000M Ethernet Controller for USB ApplicationsRealtek
RTL8211F-CG Highly Integrated 10/100/1000m Ethernet TransceiverRealtekDatasheet
RTL8111GS-CG Integrated 10/100/1000M Ethernet Controller for PCI Express ApplicationsRealtek
RTL8201F-VB-CG Single-Chip/Port 10/100M Ethernet PHYceiver with Auto MDIXRealtekDatasheet
RTL8111G-CG GbE PCIe Network Interface ControllerRealtek
RTL8211E-VL-CG GbE PHY with RGMII interface & EEE feature, 1.8V & 1.5VRealtekDatasheet
RTL8368MB-CG Layer 2 Managed 5+3-Port 10/100/1000M Switch ControllerRealtek
RTL8211E-VB-CG GbE PHY with RGMII interface & EEE featureRealtekDatasheet
RTL8153-CG GbE USB 3.0 Ethernet Network Interface ControllerRealtekDatasheet
RTL8363NB-VB-CG Layer 2 Managed 2+1 Port 10/100/1000M Switch ControllerRealtekDatasheet
RTL8370N-VB-CG Layer 2 8-Port 10/100/1000 Switch ControllerRealtek
RTL8111H-CG Ethernet Controller DriverRealtek
RTL8152B-VB-CG Integrated 10/100M Ethernet Controller For USB ApplicationsRealtekDatasheet
RTL8367N-VB-CG Single-Chip 5-Port 10/100/1000M Switch ControllerRealtek
RTL8153B-VB-CG Demoboard Realtek RTL8153B-VB-DEMOBOARDRealtek
RTL8100C-LF PCI/Mini-PCI Single-Chip Fast Ethernet ControllerRealtek
RTL8105E-VD-CG Integrated Fast Ethernet Controller for PCI Express ApplicationsRealtek
RTL8106 Ethernet Controller DriverRealtek
RTL8110SC-GR Single-Chip Gigabit LOM Ethernet ControllerRealtekDatasheet
RTL8110SCL-GR GbE PCI Network Interface ControllerRealtekDatasheet
RTL8111EP-CG Single-Chip Gigabit LOM Ethernet Controller for PCI ExpressRealtek