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Manufacturer: Silicon Labs
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Product ImageBGM113A256V2R Bluetooth Smart Radio Module Tape and ReelSilicon LabsDatasheet
Product ImageSLTB001A Thunderboard SenseSilicon LabsDatasheet
Product ImageDEBUGADPTR1-USB C8051xxx 8-Bit MCU - DebuggerSilicon Labs
Product ImageSENSOR-PUCK Silicon Labs Sensor PuckSilicon Labs
Product ImageSLEXP8027A Zero Programming Bluetooth Xpress BGX13P Starter KitSilicon LabsDatasheet
Product ImageSLWRB4100A EFR32BG 2.4 GHZ 10.5 DBM RADIO BSilicon Labs
Product ImageSLSTK2030A EFM8LB1 Laser Bee Starter Kit Laser Bee MCU 8-Bit 8051 Embedded Evaluation BoardSilicon LabsDatasheet
Product Image4463CPCE20C460 WIRELESS RF DEVEL KITSilicon Labs
Product ImageSI2494-A-FM18-EVB Si2494 ISOmodem® Series Telecom, Modem Evaluation BoardSilicon Labs
Product ImageSi5341-D-EVB Si5341 - Timing, Clock Generator Evaluation BoardSilicon LabsDatasheet
Product ImageC8051F800-TB C8051F8xx - MCU 8-Bit 8051 Embedded Evaluation BoardSilicon Labs
Product ImageCBPROG-DONGLE Si534x, Si538x ClockBuilderPro™ Programmable Clock GeneratorSilicon Labs
Product ImageOCCUPANCY-EXP-EVB Expansion Board for EFM32 Starter Kits (STKs)Silicon Labs
Product ImageSi2177-A-EVB WW Hybrid TV Tuner w/ IntegratSilicon Labs
Product ImageSi32287ACB20SL0EVB 2FXS PCM/ISI evaluation boardSilicon Labs
Product ImageSi32287ACB20SL0KIT SI32287ACB20SL0KITSilicon Labs
Product ImageSLSTK3701A SLSTK3701A EFM32 Giant Gecko GG11 Starter KitSilicon Labs
Product ImageSLWRB4306B Blue Gecko Bluetooth® Module +19 dBm Output Power Radio BoardSilicon Labs
Product ImageSLWSTK6050A Z-Wave 700 Development KitSilicon Labs
Product ImageTOOLSTICKSK C8051F300 ToolStick - MCU 8-Bit 8051 Embedded Evaluation BoardSilicon Labs
Product Image1060-490-DK KIT DEVELOPMENT FOR SI1060Silicon Labs
Product Image1060-915-DK KIT DEVELOPMENT FOR SI1060Silicon Labs
Product Image1062-868-DK KIT DEVELOPMENT FOR SI1062Silicon Labs
Product Image1064-434-DK KIT DEVELOPMENT FOR SI1064Silicon Labs