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Manufacturer: Silicon Labs
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Product ImageBGM113A256V2R Bluetooth Smart Radio Module Tape and ReelSilicon LabsDatasheet
Product ImageSLTB001A Thunderboard SenseSilicon LabsDatasheet
Product ImageDEBUGADPTR1-USB C8051xxx 8-Bit MCU - DebuggerSilicon Labs
Product ImageC8051F120DK C8051F12x - MCU 8-Bit 8051 Embedded Evaluation BoardSilicon Labs
Product ImageSLTB004A Thunderboard Sense 2, Sensor to Cloud KitSilicon Labs
Product ImageSENSOR-PUCK Silicon Labs Sensor PuckSilicon Labs
Product ImageSLWRB4100A EFR32BG 2.4 GHZ 10.5 DBM RADIO BSilicon Labs
Product ImageSLSTK2030A EFM8LB1 Laser Bee Starter Kit Laser Bee MCU 8-Bit 8051 Embedded Evaluation BoardSilicon LabsDatasheet
Product ImageSI2494-A-FM18-EVB Si2494 ISOmodem® Series Telecom, Modem Evaluation BoardSilicon Labs
Product Image115XOPT-EXP-EVB 115XOPT-EXP-EVBSilicon Labs
Product Image4463CPCE20C460 WIRELESS RF DEVEL KITSilicon Labs
Product Image4463CPCE27F868 WIRELESS RF DEVEL KITSilicon Labs
Product ImageDKBLE Bluetooth Smart BLE Module Dev KitSilicon Labs
Product ImageSi5341-D-EVB Si5341 - Timing, Clock Generator Evaluation BoardSilicon LabsDatasheet
Product ImageSLSTK3701A SLSTK3701A EFM32 Giant Gecko GG11 Starter KitSilicon Labs
Product ImageSLWRB4306B Blue Gecko Bluetooth® Module +19 dBm Output Power Radio BoardSilicon Labs
Product ImageTOOLSTICKSK C8051F300 ToolStick - MCU 8-Bit 8051 Embedded Evaluation BoardSilicon Labs
Product ImageCBPROG-DONGLE Si534x, Si538x ClockBuilderPro™ Programmable Clock GeneratorSilicon Labs
Product ImageCP2103EK CP2103 - Interface, USB 2.0 to UART (RS232) Bridge Evaluation BoardSilicon Labs
Product ImageDKBT BT121 Long Range BT 4.1 Smart Ready Module Dev KitSilicon Labs
Product ImageEFM32-G8xx-STK EFM32™ Gecko Starter KitSilicon LabsDatasheet
Product ImageOCCUPANCY-EXP-EVB Expansion Board for EFM32 Starter Kits (STKs)Silicon Labs
Product ImageSi2141-B-EVB WW STB Tuner Eval KitSilicon Labs
Product ImageSi2177-A-EVB WW Hybrid TV Tuner w/ IntegratSilicon Labs
Product ImageSi32287ACB20SL0EVB 2FXS PCM/ISI evaluation boardSilicon Labs