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Category: Temperature Sensors
Manufacturer: Silicon Labs
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Image Part Number Description Manufacturer Price
Si7021-A20-GM I2C Humidity and Temperature SensorSilicon LabsDatasheet
SLTB001A Thunderboard SenseSilicon LabsDatasheet
SLTB004A Thunderboard Sense 2, Sensor to Cloud KitSilicon Labs
Si1133-AA00-GM Silicon Labs SI1133-AA00-GMSilicon LabsDatasheet
SENSOR-PUCK Silicon Labs Sensor PuckSilicon Labs
BIOMETRIC-EXP-EVB Biometric Sensor Expansion CardSilicon Labs
Si7013-A20-YM0 Silicon Labs SI7013-A20-YM0Silicon LabsDatasheet
Si7013-A20-YM0R Silicon Labs SI7013-A20-YM0RSilicon LabsDatasheet
Si7013-A20-YM1 Silicon Labs SI7013-A20-YM1Silicon LabsDatasheet
Si7013-A20-YM1R Silicon Labs SI7013-A20-YM1RSilicon LabsDatasheet
Si7013EVB-UDP-F960 Si7013EVB-UDP-F960Silicon Labs
Si7013USB-DONGLE Si7013 USB Dongle Evaluation KitSilicon Labs
Si7020-A20-YM0 Silicon Labs SI7020-A20-YM0Silicon LabsDatasheet
Si7020-A20-YM0R Silicon Labs SI7020-A20-YM0RSilicon LabsDatasheet
Si7020-A20-YM1 Silicon Labs SI7020-A20-YM1Silicon LabsDatasheet
Si7020-A20-YM1R Silicon Labs SI7020-A20-YM1RSilicon LabsDatasheet
Si7021-A20-YM0 Silicon Labs SI7021-A20-YM0Silicon LabsDatasheet
Si7021-A20-YM0R Silicon Labs SI7021-A20-YM0RSilicon LabsDatasheet
Si7021-A20-YM1 Silicon Labs SI7021-A20-YM1Silicon LabsDatasheet
Si7021-A20-YM1R Silicon Labs SI7021-A20-YM1RSilicon LabsDatasheet
Si7022-A20-YM0 Silicon Labs SI7022-A20-YM0Silicon LabsDatasheet
Si7022-A20-YM0R Silicon Labs SI7022-A20-YM0RSilicon LabsDatasheet
Si7022-A20-YM1 Silicon Labs SI7022-A20-YM1Silicon LabsDatasheet
Si7022-A20-YM1R Silicon Labs SI7022-A20-YM1RSilicon LabsDatasheet
Si7023-A20-YM0 Silicon Labs SI7023-A20-YM0Silicon LabsDatasheet