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Category: 8-bit MCU
Manufacturer: Silicon Labs
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C8051F346-GMR Next gen available (F381-GM) 25 MIPS,64KB,10ADC,USB,32Pin Silicon LabsDatasheet
C8051F317-GMR 16kB/1kB RAM, QFN24 OTP available (T617-GM)Silicon LabsDatasheet
C8051F346-GQR Next gen available (F381-GQ) 25 MIPS,64KB,10ADC,USB,32Pin Silicon LabsDatasheet
C8051F411-GM 32kB/2kB RAM, 12b ADC, 12b 2xDAC, QFN28Silicon LabsDatasheet
C8051F230-GQR 8kB/1280B RAM, TQFP48Silicon LabsDatasheet
C8051F331-GMR 8kB/768B RAM, QFN20 OTP available (T631-GM)Silicon LabsDatasheet
C8051F586-IQR 50 MIPS, 96 kB, 8 kB, CAN2.0, LIN 2.1, SPI, 2xUART, I2C, QFP32Silicon LabsDatasheet
EFM8UB20F64G-B-QFN32R 8-bit Microcontrollers - MCU USB, 64kB/4352B RAM 10b Diff-ADCSilicon LabsDatasheet
C8051F330-GM 8kB/768B RAM, 10b ADC, 10b DAC, QFN20 OTP available (T630-GM)Silicon LabsDatasheet
C8051F503-IQR 50 MIPS, 64 kB, 4 kB, SPI, UART, I2C, QFP32Silicon LabsDatasheet
C8051F123-GQ 100MIPS,128KB,10ADC,64Pin MCU Silicon LabsDatasheet
EFM8LB12F64ES0-B-QFN24R 64kB flash, 4.25 kB RAM, 14b ADCSilicon LabsDatasheet
C8051F121-GQ 100MIPS,128KB,12ADC,64Pin MCU Silicon LabsDatasheet
C8051F020-GQR 64KB,12ADC,100Pin MCU Silicon LabsDatasheet
C8051F340-GQ Next gen available (F380-GQ) 48 MIPS, 64KB,10ADC,USB,48Pin Silicon LabsDatasheet
C8051F826-GS 8kB/256B RAM, 10b ADC, SOIC16Silicon LabsDatasheet
C8051F021-GQ 64KB,12ADC,64Pin MCU Silicon LabsDatasheet
C8051F120-GQ 100MIPS,128KB,12ADC,100Pin MCU Silicon LabsDatasheet
C8051F583-IQ 50 MIPS, 128 kB, 8 kB, SPI, 2xUART, I2C, QFP32Silicon LabsDatasheet
EFM8UB20F32G-B-QFP48R 8-bit Microcontrollers - MCU USB, 32kB/2304B RAM 10b Diff-ADC, EMIFSilicon LabsDatasheet
C8051F124-GQ 50MIPS,128KB,12ADC,100Pin MCU Silicon LabsDatasheet
C8051F130-GQ 100MIPS,128KB,10ADC,100Pin MCU Silicon LabsDatasheet
C8051F316-GM 16kB/1kB RAM, 10b ADC, QFN24 OTP available (T616-GM)Silicon LabsDatasheet
C8051T321-GM USB-OTP-16k-ADC-QFN28 OTP version of F321-GMSilicon LabsDatasheet
4060CPCE10B434 Silicon Labs 4060CPCE10B434Silicon LabsDatasheet