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Category: Opto Sensors
Manufacturer: Silicon Labs
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Image Part Number Description Manufacturer Price
Si1141-A11-GMR Optical Sensor Ambient I²C 10-WFQFNSilicon Labs
Si1132-A10-GMR Optical Sensor Ambient I²C 10-WFQFNSilicon Labs
Si1144-AAGX-GM HRM focused module w Green LED, and algorithmSilicon LabsDatasheet
SENSOR-PUCK Silicon Labs Sensor PuckSilicon Labs
SLTB001A Thunderboard SenseSilicon LabsDatasheet
BIOMETRIC-EXP-EVB Biometric Sensor Expansion CardSilicon Labs
EFM8BB31F16I-B-QFP32 Silicon Labs 16kB flash, 2.25 kB RAM, 12b ASilicon LabsDatasheet
EFM8BB31F32I-B-QFP32R Silicon Labs 32kB flash, 2.25 kB RAM, 12b ASilicon LabsDatasheet
Si1102-A-GM Optical Proximity DetectorSilicon LabsDatasheet
Si1102-A-GMR Reflective Optical Sensor 19.7" (50cm) 1.6' Non-Metallic 8-WDFN Exposed PadSilicon Labs
Si1120-A-GM Infrared Proximity and Ambient Light SensorSilicon LabsDatasheet
Si1120-A-GMR Optical Sensor Ambient 530nm Analog, PWM, SPI 8-VFDFN Exposed PadSilicon Labs
Si1132-A10-GM Ultraviolet (UV) Index and Ambient Light Sensor ICSilicon LabsDatasheet
Si1133-AA00-GMR Optical Sensor Ambient 625nm, 525nm, 460nm I²C 10-WFQFNSilicon LabsDatasheet
Si1141-A11-GM Silicon Labs SI1141-A11-GMSilicon LabsDatasheet
Si1141-A11-YM0 Silicon Labs SI1141-A11-YM0Silicon LabsDatasheet
Si1141-A11-YM0R Optical Sensor Ambient 450nm I²C 10-WFQFNSilicon Labs
Si1141-M01-GM Silicon Labs SI1141-M01-GMSilicon LabsDatasheet
Si1141-M01-GMR Optical Sensor IR 850nm IC 10-SMD Module (No Lead)Silicon Labs
Si1142-A11-GM Silicon Labs SI1142-A11-GMSilicon LabsDatasheet
Si1142-A11-GMR Optical Sensor Ambient IC 10-WFQFNSilicon Labs
Si1142-A11-YM0 Silicon Labs SI1142-A11-YM0Silicon LabsDatasheet
Si1142-A11-YM0R Silicon Labs SI1142-A11-YM0RSilicon LabsDatasheet
Si1142-M01-GM Silicon Labs SI1142-M01-GMSilicon LabsDatasheet