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Category: Bluetooth Low Energy
Manufacturer: Silicon Labs
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Product ImageSLWRB4302A Blue Gecko BGM121 Bluetooth SIP module radio board for WSTKSilicon LabsDatasheet
Product ImageSLWSTK6020A EFR32 Blue Gecko Bluetooth Smart SoC Starter KitSilicon Labs
Product ImageSLWSTK6101A Blue Gecko Bluetooth Smart Wireless Starter KitSilicon LabsDatasheet
Product ImageSLWSTK6101B Blue Gecko Wireless Starter Kit w/BGM111 and BGM113 ModuleSilicon LabsDatasheet
Product ImageSLWSTK6101C Blue Gecko Bluetooth module Wireless Starter Kit with BGM121 SIP Module and BGM111 Radio BoardsSilicon LabsDatasheet
Product ImageWT32-A-AI5S Bluetooth / 802.15.1, Audio w/ A2DP Chip Ant iWRAP 5.0Silicon LabsDatasheet
Product ImageWT41u-N-HCI21001 Long Range Class 1, Bluetooth® 2.1 + EDR ModuleSilicon LabsDatasheet