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Manufacturer: Silicon Labs
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Si8719BC-A-IS General Purpose tal Isolator 3750Vrms 1 Channel 15Mbps 35kV/µs CMTI 8-SOIC (0.154", 3.90mm Width)Silicon Labs
C8051F411-GM 32kB/2kB RAM, 12b ADC, 12b 2xDAC, QFN28Silicon LabsDatasheet
530BB100M000DGR Single Frequency XO, OE Pin 2Silicon LabsDatasheet
530AB156M250DGR Single Frequency XO, OE Pin 2Silicon LabsDatasheet
BGM11S12F256GA-V2R Bluetooth 4.x SiP Module 3dbm with antennaSilicon Labs
EFM8UB11F16G-C-QSOP24R CIP-51 8051 Universal Bee Microcontroller IC 8-Bit 50MHz 16KB (16K x 8) FLASH 24-QSOPSilicon LabsDatasheet
EZR32HG320F64R63G-B0R 64kB M0+,USB,+20dBm EZRadioPRO,QFN48Silicon LabsDatasheet
EZR32LG330F256R60G-B0R EZR32LG, Leopard Gecko 256kB M3,USB,+13dBm PRO,QFN64, T/RSilicon LabsDatasheet
Si1132-A10-GMR Optical Sensor Ambient I²C 10-WFQFNSilicon Labs
Si1141-A11-GMR Optical Sensor Ambient I²C 10-WFQFNSilicon Labs
Si3050-E1-FMR Telecom IC Direct Access Arrangement (DAA) 24-QFN (4x4)Silicon LabsDatasheet
Si3050-E1-FTR Telecom IC Direct Access Arrangement (DAA) 20-TSSOPSilicon LabsDatasheet
Si4743-C10-GMR - RF Receiver AM, FM 520kHz ~ 1.71MHz, 64MHz ~ 108MHz PCB, Surface Mount 24-QFN (4x4)Silicon LabsDatasheet
Si8440BB-D-ISR General Purpose tal Isolator 2500Vrms 4 Channel 150Mbps 25kV/µs (Typ) CMTI 16-SOIC (0.295", 7.50mm W...Silicon Labs
CP2104-F03-GMR USB to UART bridge QFN24Silicon LabsDatasheet
CP2105-F01-GMR USB to Dual UART bridgeSilicon LabsDatasheet
C8051F123-GQ 100MIPS,128KB,10ADC,64Pin MCU Silicon LabsDatasheet
WT12-A-AI5 Bluetooth Module WT12 w/ iWRAP 5 FWSilicon LabsDatasheet
Si53306-B-GMR Clock Fanout Buffer (Distribution), Translator IC 725MHz 16-VFQFN Exposed PadSilicon Labs
WT41u-E-AI56 BLUETOOTH 2.1+EDR MODULE, CLASSSilicon LabsDatasheet
540AAA100M000BAG Single Frequency Ultra Low Jitter Crystal Oscillator (XO)Silicon LabsDatasheet
C8051F230-GQR 8kB/1280B RAM, TQFP48Silicon LabsDatasheet
C8051F331-GMR 8kB/768B RAM, QFN20 OTP available (T631-GM)Silicon LabsDatasheet
SI5345B-B06166-GMR High Performance Jitter Attenuator Clock MultiplierSilicon LabsDatasheet