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Manufacturer: Trinamic
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Image Part Number Description Manufacturer Price
TMC-429-PI24 3-axis controller SOP24 TrinamicDatasheet
TMC2660-PA Power Driver for Stepper MotorsTrinamicDatasheet
TMC424 Serial Triple Incremental Encoder InterfaceTrinamicDatasheet
TMC2130-TA Trinamic TMC2130-TATrinamicDatasheet
TMC429-LI 3-axis controller QFN32TrinamicDatasheet
TMC246B-PA TMC246 Motion Control ICTrinamicDatasheet
TMCM-1110 STEPROCKER 1-axis controller/driver 2.8A/24V, coolStep™, with encoder interface, S/D in & outTrinamic
TMC429-I 3-axis controller SSOP16TrinamicDatasheet
TMCM-1111-StepRocker-Servo Single Axis Motor Controller/Driver BoardTrinamic
TMCM-1141 1-Axis Motor Mountable 42mm | NEMA17 Controller / Driver 1.1A / 24V sensOstep™ Encoder Serial In...Trinamic
TMC249A-LA Trinamic TMC249 Microstep Driver for External FETsTrinamicDatasheet
TMC457-BC Trinamic 1-axis motion controller with encoder feedbackTrinamicDatasheet
TMCM-6110-TMCL 6-axis stepper controller/driver 1.1A/24VTrinamic
TMC260-PA coolStep™ driver with internal MOSFETsTrinamicDatasheet
TMCM-110-42-232 1-Axis Motor Mounted Controller/DriverTrinamicDatasheet
TMC silentStepStick SPI Trinamic TMC2130 - Power Management, Motor Control, Stepper Evaluation BoardTrinamicDatasheet
TMC223-SI Trinamic TMC223 Microstepping Stepper Motor Controller/DriverTrinamicDatasheet
TMCM-1070 Single Axis Stepper Motor Controller/DriverTrinamic
TMCM-1111-StepRocker-NA Single Axis Motor Controller/Driver BoardTrinamic
TMCM-6212-TMCL Board 24VDC Supply 1.1A 11 V ~ 35 V LoadTrinamic
TMCM-1630-4U 1-axis controller/driver module 10A/48V (RS-485 & USB host interface)Trinamic
TMC4671-ES Dedicated Motion Controller for 2-/3-Phase PMSMTrinamicDatasheet
TMC5161-BOB TMC5161 Breakout BoardTrinamicDatasheet
TMC2208 SilentStepStick TMC2208 Stepper Driver BoardTrinamicDatasheet
TMC4671-BOB TMC4671 Breakout BoardTrinamicDatasheet