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Manufacturer: Trinamic
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PD42-3-1270-TMCL PANdrive, 0.49Nm, 1.0A RMS, +24V DC, CAN Bus interface, TMCL firmwareTrinamic
PD42-3-1370-TMCL PANdrive™ for Stepper MotorsTrinamicDatasheet
PD42-4-1140-TMCL PANdrive 0.70Nm max. Torque CurveTrinamic
PD42-4-1240-CANOPEN Trinamic PANdrivesTrinamic
PD42-4-1240-TMCL PANdrive™ for Stepper MotorsTrinamic
PD42-4-1370-TMCL PANdrive™ for Stepper MotorsTrinamicDatasheet
PD57-1-1160-TMCL NEMA23/24 Stepper Motor with Controller/Driver 0.55 Nm / QMot motor QSH5718-41-28-055Trinamic
PD57-1-1161 PANdrive with 0.55 Nm max./ QMot motor QSH5718-41- 28-055Trinamic
PD57-1-1260-CANOPEN Trinamic PANdriveTrinamic
PD57-1-1260-TMCL Trinamic PANdriveTrinamic
PD57-2-1160-TMCL Stepper Motor with Controller/DriverTrinamic
PD57-2-1161 PANdrive with 1.01 Nm max./ QMot motor QSH5718-51- 28-101Trinamic
PD57-2-1260-CANOPEN Trinamic PANdriveTrinamic
PD57-2-1260-TMCL Trinamic PANdriveTrinamic
PD60-1-1060-CAN PANdrive with 1.10Nm max./holding torqueTrinamicDatasheetProduct Brief
PD60-2-1060-CANOPEN PANdrive with 1.65Nm max./holding torqueTrinamicDatasheetProduct Brief
PD60-3-1060-CANOPEN PANdrive with 2.10Nm max./holding torque TrinamicDatasheetProduct Brief
PD60-3-1160-TMCL NEMA23/24 Stepper Motor with Controller/Driver 2.10 Nm / QMot motor QSH6018-65-28-210Trinamic
PD60-3-1161 PANdrive with 2.10 Nm max./ QMot motor QSH6018-65- 28-210Trinamic
PD60-3-1260-CANOPEN Trinamic PANdriveTrinamic
PD60-3-1260-TMCL Trinamic PANdriveTrinamic
PD60-4-1060-CANOPEN PANdrive with 3.10Nm max./holding torqueTrinamicDatasheetProduct Brief
PD60-4-1060-TMCL PANdrive with 3.10Nm max./holding torqueTrinamicDatasheetProduct Brief
PD60-4-1160-TMCL NEMA23/24 Stepper Motor with Controller/Driver 3.10 Nm / QMot motor QSH6018-86-28-310Trinamic
PD60-4-1161 PANdrive with 3.10 Nm max./ QMot motor QSH6018-86- 28-310Trinamic