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Category: CDMA / EVDO
Manufacturer: Telit
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Product ImageHE910GLR206T001 HE910-GL w/12.00.106TelitDatasheet
Product ImageHE910GPS206T701 HSPA+ Multi-band LGA Module GNSS GPS and GSM/EGPRSTelitDatasheet
Product ImageHE910DAT206T701 HE910-D w/12.00.006TelitDatasheet
Product ImageLEPCINA1002T701 LE910-NA1 (PCIE + NO SIM card holder) w/20.00.522TelitDatasheet
Product ImageDE910DUA506T013 Telit DE910DUA506T013TelitDatasheet
Product ImageSL869V3A104T001 baud rate @ 9600, GPS, GLONASS, QZSSTelit
Product Image3990150474 EVK2-LTE/GSM/GPRS/CDMA/UMTS (3G/4G) Evaluation KitTelitDatasheet
Product ImageLEPCINA2002T706 LTE Cat 4 Module for AT&T - LE910-NA-V2TelitDatasheet
Product ImageDE910DUA506T016 DE910 DUAL CDMA/EV-DO Module - SprintTelitDatasheet
Product ImageHE910EUD206T001 Telit HE910EUD206T001TelitDatasheetProduct Brief
Product ImageLEPCISVG711T001 LE910-SVG (PCIE + NO SIM card holder) w/17.01.571TelitDatasheet
Product ImageHE910EUR208T001 HSPA+ EMEA/APAC/LA LIM. VOICETelitDatasheet
Product ImageLE910EU1002T001 LE910-EU1 w/20.00.412TelitDatasheet
Product Image3990251221 CE910-DUAL (SPRINT, HW 2.0) INTelitDatasheet
Product ImageF8014BCD Dual Band CDMA 1xRTT SolutionTelitDatasheet
Product ImageF8015BCC Dual Band CDMA 1xRTT SolutionTelitDatasheet
Product ImageF8000DCF Dual Band CDMA 1xRTT SolutionTelitDatasheet
Product ImageUC/CC/GC INT BOARD (4990150470) UC/CC/GC Interface Board for Telit EVK2TelitDatasheet
Product ImageCC864DUA914T001 CC864-DUAL CDMA ModuleTelitDatasheet
Product ImageCC864DUA914T009 CDMA - Bell versionTelitDatasheet
Product ImageCC864DUA914T013 CC864-DUAL-SPRINT-RTTTelitDatasheet
Product ImageCC864-DUAL-SPRINT (CC864DUA914T003) CC864-DUAL CDMA ModuleTelitDatasheet
Product ImageCC864DUA914T005 CC864-DUAL CDMA-1xRTT 2G wireless moduleTelitDatasheet
Product ImageCC864DUA915T002 CC864DUA915T002TelitDatasheet
Product ImageCE910DUA812T013 Telit CE910-DUAL CDMA/1xRTT moduleTelitDatasheet