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Category: Bluetooth Low Energy
Manufacturer: Telit
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Product Image3990150650 WE310F5 Evaluation KitTelitDatasheet
Product Image3990150672 WE310F5-I ENG EVKTelitDatasheet
Product Image3990150673 WE310F5-P ENG EVKTelitDatasheet
Product Image53316-02 BlueMod+S (BLE 4.1) Terminal ITelitDatasheet
Product Image53330-02 BlueMod+S (BLE 4.1) ADC PeriphTelitDatasheet
Product Image53332-02 BlueMod+S (BLE 4.1) CentralTelitDatasheet
Product ImageBE890D2S136T0I1 BE890D2S136T0I1, BlueMod+S42 Bluetooth LE 4.2Telit
Product ImageBE890D3S151T0I1000 BLE 5 MODULE +ANTENNATelitDatasheet
Product ImageBE890F2S110TMI1000 BLE 4.2 Full Sensors / BLUEMODTelitDatasheet
Product ImageMKT3990252026 WE310F5 Wi-Fi/BLE5 ModuleTelitDatasheet
Product ImageMKT3990252027 WE310F5 Wi-Fi/BLE5 ModuleTelitDatasheet
Product ImageWAB1-DKBLE-3G-IN-A-BOX WAB1 with 3G Cellular and Bluetooth Smart Development KitTelitDatasheetProduct Brief
Product ImageWAB1-DKBLE-LTE-IN-A-BOX-ATT WAB1 with AT&T 4G-LTE and Bluetooth Smart Development KitTelitDatasheetProduct Brief
Product ImageWE866C3P000T001000 Wi-Fi companion device for LE910Cx (4G LTE)TelitDatasheet