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Category: Storage Solutions
Manufacturer: Lattice (Silicon Image)
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SiI3132CNU SiI3132 PCI Express to 2-Port Serial ATA IIHost ControllerLattice (Silicon I...Datasheet
SiI3114CTU SiI3114 SATALink 4-Port PCI Host ControllerLattice (Silicon I...Datasheet
SiI3124ACBHU SiI 3124 SATALink PCI-X to 4-Port Host ControllerLattice (Silicon I...Datasheet
SiI3512ECTU128 SiI3512 SATALink 2-Port PCI Host ControllerLattice (Silicon I...Datasheet
SiI3531ACNU SiI3531 PCI Express to Serial ATA Gen II Host ControllerLattice (Silicon I...Datasheet
SII3531ACNUTR Lattice SII3531ACNUTRLattice (Silicon I...Datasheet
SiI3726CBHU SiI3726 SATA Port MultiplierLattice (Silicon I...DatasheetProduct Brief
SiI4726CBHU SiI4726 SATA to 5-Port SATA Device SteelVineā„¢ Storage ProcessorLattice (Silicon I...Datasheet
SiI5723CNU SiI5723 SATA to Dual eSATA Storage ProcessorLattice (Silicon I...Product Brief
SiI5733CNU SiI5733 SATA to Dual eSATA Storage Processor with Automatic Drive LockingLattice (Silicon I...Product Brief
SiI5734CNU SiI5734 USB 2.0 and eSATA to SATA Storage ProcessorLattice (Silicon I...Product Brief
SiI5744CNU SiI5744 Storage processor with embedded USB 2.0 and eSATA interfacesLattice (Silicon I...Product Brief