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Category: HDMI Receivers
Manufacturer: Lattice (Silicon Image)
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SiI9135ACTU HDMI 1.3 Compatible Receiver with HBR Audio & Deep Color SupportLattice (Silicon I...
SII9678CNUC Single port MHL 3.0/HDMI 2.0 4K 60 FPS Tx with HDCP 2.2 supportLattice (Silicon I...
SII9233ACTU 4 port HDMI 1.4 Receiver: 3D, Deep color, HDCP Repeater supportLattice (Silicon I...
CP1127 SiI9127A/SiI1127A HDMI Receiver with Deep Color OutputLattice (Silicon I...
CP9127HDMI Starter kit for SiI9127 HDMI 1.3 Receiver Lattice (Silicon I...Product Brief
CP9135A SiI9135 starter kit 2 input HDMI 1.3 receiverLattice (Silicon I...
CP9233HDMI Starter Kit for SiI9233 HDMI Receiver with Repeater SupportLattice (Silicon I...
CP9616 CP9616 Video Processor Starter KitLattice (Silicon I...
CP9679 CP9679 MHL/HDMI Dongle/Receiver Starter KitLattice (Silicon I...
MOD6321-R-C WirelessHD® Receiver ModuleLattice (Silicon I...Datasheet
SII1127ACTU Lattice SII1127ACTULattice (Silicon I...Datasheet
SiI9033CTU HDMI 1.2 Receiver with DVD -Audio, SACD Lattice (Silicon I...
SII9127ACTU Two-port HDMI 1.3 HDMI Receiver with HDCPLattice (Silicon I...Product Brief
SII9223ACTU HDMI Receiver with RepeaterLattice (Silicon I...Datasheet
SII9612CNUC Advanced 4k video processor w/ integrated 300MHz HDMI Tx/RxLattice (Silicon I...Datasheet
SII9616CTUC Advanced 4k video processor w/ integrated 300MHz HDMI Tx/Rx and parallel I/OLattice (Silicon I...Datasheet
SII9679CNUC Single port HDMI/MHL 3,2,1 4K Receiver 60 FPS w/ HDCP 2.2 supportLattice (Silicon I...