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Manufacturer: iC-Haus
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IC-WJZEVALWJ1 Laser Diode DriveriC-HausDatasheet
iC-WJZ EVAL WJ1D Evaluation Board for iC-WJZiC-HausDatasheet
iC-WJZ MSOP8 Laser Diode DriveriC-HausDatasheet
iC-WK iCSY WK2D Driver Module iC-WK for N-Type LDiC-HausDatasheet
iC-WKL EVAL WK4D Evaluation Board iC-WKL (incl. 2 IC samples) iC-HausDatasheet
IC-WKL ICSY WKL1D Driver Module IC-WKL for P/M Type LDiC-HausDatasheet
IC-WKL ICSY WKL2D Driver Module iC-WKL for N-Type LDiC-HausDatasheet
iC-WKM EVAL WKM1D Evaluation Board iC-WKM (incl. 2 IC samples)iC-HausDatasheet
iC-WKN EVAL WK4D Evaluation Board iC-WKNiC-HausDatasheet
IC-WKPEVALWKP1D CW P-Type Laser Diode Driver to 15ViC-HausDatasheet
iC-WT EVAL WTD Evaluation Board for iC-WTiC-Haus
iC-WT SO16N Incremental EncoderiC-Haus
iC-XU SO28 Programmable Quad Low/High Side DriveriC-Haus
IC149 Pulse generator pulse width 1 to 64 nsiC-HausDatasheet
IC213 Programmable Oscillator ModuleiC-HausDatasheet
IC227 11 GHz Sampling OscilloscopeiC-HausDatasheet
IC277 EVAL IC277 iC-Haus IC277-EVAL-IC277iC-HausDatasheet
iC-LFL OBGA LFL1C 256x1 Linear Image Sensor 140iC-HausDatasheet
iC-LG BLCC LG5C-2R 21-Bit Optical Position Encoder With Serial/Parallel and Sin/Cos OutputiC-HausDatasheet
iC-LSB OBGA LS2C-7R Active Photo. Array (1024 PPR A/B/Z reticle)iC-HausDatasheet
iC-LSC OBGA LS2C 12-Ch. Active Photosensor ArrayiC-HausDatasheet
iC-LSC OBGA LS2C-3R Active Photo.Array (1024 PPR+U/V/W reticle)iC-HausDatasheet
iC-LSC OBGA LS2C-5R Active Photo.Array (256 PPR Nonius reticle)iC-HausDatasheet
IC-LSHBOBGALSH2C-4R Incremental Photosensor ArrayiC-HausDatasheet
IC-LSHCOBGALSH2C-1R 3-Channel Sin/Cos Photosensor ArrayiC-HausDatasheet