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Manufacturer: iC-Haus
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IC-MD TSSOP20 RS422 Quadrature Encoder Receiver/Counter with SPI and BiSS InterfaceiC-HausDatasheet
iC-MH QFN28 12-Bit Hall EncoderiC-HausDatasheet
IC-NQC TSSOP20 13-Bit Sin/D Converter w/CalibrationiC-HausDatasheet
iC-LFL OBGA LFL1C 256x1 Linear Image Sensor 140iC-HausDatasheet
IC-MQFTSSOP20 Programmable 12-Bit Sin/Cos Interpolation iC RS422 DriveriC-HausDatasheet
iC-JE SO8 PWM Relay/Solenoid DriveriC-HausDatasheet
IC-DXC3DFN8-3X3 Universal Digital Sensor Input/Output DriveriC-HausDatasheet
iC-WJ SO8 Laser Diode DriveriC-HausDatasheet
iC-MQ TSSOP20 Progr. Sin/Cos Interpol. IC with RS422 DriveriC-HausDatasheet
iC-MU150 DFN16-5x5 Magnetic off-axis absolute position encoderiC-HausDatasheet
IC-DXC DFN8 3X3 Universal, digital sensor output driver with sensor supplyiC-Haus
iC-WJ MSOP8 Laser Diode DriveriC-HausDatasheet
IC-SN85 BLCC SN1C iC-Haus IC-SN85BLCCSN1C IR LED, 850nm, plug-through assemblyiC-HausDatasheet
Short Pulse 1.4 A Laser Driver Programmable 12-Bit Sin/Cos Interpolation IC with RS422 DriveriC-HausDatasheet
IC-GE QFN16 4X4 Power-Saving PWM Relay/Solenoid Driver up to 1AiC-HausDatasheet
iC-WJZ SO8 Laser Diode DriveriC-HausDatasheet
iC-MA DFN10 8-Bit Angular Hall Sensor / EncoderiC-HausDatasheet
iC-VP TO18-4L iC-Haus IC-VPTO18-4L Photoswitch with Adjustable SensitivityiC-HausDatasheet
IC-MSB TSSOP20 -TP Sine/Cosine Signal Conditioner with 1vpp DriveriC-HausDatasheet
iC-WJB SO8 2.7 V Laser Diode DriveriC-HausDatasheet
iC-MB4 QFN28-5x5 BiSS Interface Master, 2 channel, 8 slaves, RS-422 transceiver, dual SPIiC-HausDatasheet
iC-MH16 QFN28-5x5 iC-Haus iC-MH16QFN28-5x5iC-HausDatasheet
IC-NZP QFN24 P-Type Laser Diode DriveriC-HausDatasheet
iC-HB QFN24 Triple 155 MHz Laser SwitchiC-HausDatasheet