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Manufacturer: iC-Haus
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iC-PVL QFN16-4x4-T Linear/Off-Axis Battery-Buffered Hall Multiturn EncoderiC-HausDatasheet
iC-WE SO20 3-Channel 75 Ohm Line DriveriC-HausDatasheet
iC-WK iCSY WK1D Driver Module iC-WK for P/M-Type LDiC-HausDatasheet
IC-HG EVAL HG1D ic-HG Eval kitiC-HausDatasheet
iC-HG iCSY HG8M High Speed Laser Module (TO)iC-HausDatasheet
IC-MB3 ICSY MB3U-I2C BiSS and I2C to PC-USB AdapteriC-HausDatasheet
iC-MB4 TSSOP24 BiSS Interface Master, 2 channel, 8 slaves, RS-422 transceiver, dual SPIiC-HausDatasheet
iC-MB5 iCSY MB5U MU1C Adapter and Cable SetiC-HausDatasheet
IC-ODCDFN10 Optical Position-Sensitive Detector (2.6mm)iC-HausDatasheet
iC-HG iCSY HG2M Module for C-Mount LASER diodesiC-HausDatasheet
iC-HTG Eval HTG1D iC-HTG EVAL HTG1D Evaluation BoardiC-HausDatasheet
iC-LF EVAL LF1M iC-LF1401 Sensor Module for use with LF2D Evaluation Control BoardiC-Haus
IC-LFH640 oBGA LFH2C High-Resolution Linear Image SensorsiC-HausDatasheet
IC-MB4 ICSY MB4U High Performance BiSS C-to-PC Adapter (USB)iC-HausDatasheet
IC-HG iCSY HG20M High-speed Module for SMD VCSEL ArraysiC-HausDatasheet
iC-LF EVAL LF2D iC-LF1401 Sensor Module for use with LF2D Evaluation Control BoardiC-Haus
iC-MG EVAL MG1D 8-Bit Sin/Cos Interpolation iC with RS422 DriveriC-HausDatasheet
iC-NL SO8 Light-Grid Pulse Driver with Modulation InputiC-Haus
iC-PR4307 oQFN24-4x4 3-Ch. Reflective Encoder 43-72iC-HausDatasheet
IC-TW11 EVAL TW11-1C Evaluation Board IC-TW11iC-HausDatasheet
iC-WK EVAL WK4D Evaluation Board iC-WK (incl. 2 IC samples)iC-HausDatasheet
IC-212 High-Speed Photoreceiver with Si-PIN PhotodiodeiC-HausDatasheet
PR28PS 43-720 PR28PS 43-720 Code Disc for iC-PR4307 (43 mm,720 CPR)iC-Haus
IC-BM SO18W Quad Four-Quadrant Analog Multiplier (MLT04)iC-HausDatasheet
IC-DCEVALDC1D IC-DC Eval boardiC-HausDatasheet