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Product ImageIC-ODCDFN10 Optical Position-Sensitive Detector (2.6mm)iC-HausDatasheet
Product ImageIC-TW11 EVAL TW11-1C Evaluation Board IC-TW11iC-HausDatasheet
Product ImageIC-HG iCSY HG20M High-speed Module for SMD VCSEL ArraysiC-HausDatasheet
Product ImageIC-MB3 ICSY MB3U BiSS PC-USB AdapteriC-HausDatasheet
Product ImageIC-MB3 ICSY MB3U-I2C BiSS and I2C to PC-USB AdapteriC-HausDatasheet
Product ImageIC-HG EVAL HG2D Host Adapter for HG2M Module with HeatsinkiC-HausDatasheet
Product ImageiC-HG EVAL HG2D-HSK Host Adapter for HG2M Module with HeatsinkiC-HausDatasheet
Product ImageiC-LFL OBGA LFL1C 256x1 Linear Image Sensor 140iC-HausDatasheet
Product ImageIC-MD EVAL MD1D Evaluation Board iC-MDiC-HausDatasheet
Product ImageIC-NQI EVAL NQ7D 13-bit Sin/D Converter with Calibration iC-HausDatasheet
Product ImageIC-NZN EVAL NZN1D Evaluation Board iC-NZN (incl. 2 IC samples)iC-HausDatasheet
Product ImageiC-WK iCSY WK2D Driver Module iC-WK for N-Type LDiC-HausDatasheet
Product ImageiC-WKL iCSY WKL1D Driver Module IC-WKL for P/M Type LDiC-HausDatasheet
Product ImageIC149 Pulse generator pulse width 1 to 64 nsiC-HausDatasheet
Product ImageiC-HD7 EVAL HD7_1D Evaluation Board iC-HD7iC-HausDatasheet
Product ImageIC-HD7 SO16N ET-40/125 Quad Differential Line DriveriC-HausDatasheet
Product ImageIC-HG EVAL HG1D ic-HG Eval kitiC-HausDatasheet
Product ImageiC-HG iCSY HG2M Module for C-Mount LASER diodesiC-HausDatasheet
Product ImageIC-JX EVAL JX2D Evaluation Board for iC-JXiC-HausDatasheet
Product ImageIC-LFH640 oBGA LFH2C High-Resolution Linear Image SensorsiC-HausDatasheet
Product ImageIC-LO OBGA L01C Fully Integrated Triangulation Sensor with Switching OutputiC-HausDatasheet
Product ImageiC-MB4 iCSY MB4U-CABLE1 MU1C Adapter and Cable SetiC-HausDatasheet
Product ImageiC-MU150 EVAL MU1 Evaluation kit with PCB, kit includes board MU1MiC-HausDatasheet
Product ImageIC-MU EVAL MU1C iC-MU Motor Feedback Eval KitiC-HausDatasheet
Product ImageIC-MU EVAL MU1M iC-MU Eval Kit w/ Polewheels MU5S, MU7SiC-HausDatasheet