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Category: Ultra Wideband (UWB)
Manufacturer: Taoglas
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Product ImageFXUWB20.07.0100C FXUWB01.01 6-8GHz Ultra Wideband Flex AntennaTaoglasDatasheet
Product ImagePCUWB01.01.0500G Ultra Wide Band FR4 Antenna 3-5GHz 6-8GHz with 500mm TGC-200 SMA(M)STTaoglasDatasheet
Product ImagePHA.01.A 3.7-7GHz UWB Horn AntennaTaoglasDatasheet
Product ImageTLS.90.205111 Shockwave 868/915MHz Robust Permanent Mount External AntennaTaoglas
Product ImageUWC.20 Accura UWB UWC.20 3-5GHz & 6-9GHz Ultra Wideband (UWB) SMD Chip AntennaTaoglasDatasheet
Product ImageUWCCP.01 Accura UWB UWCCP.01 6-7 GHz Embedded Circular Polarized SMT Chip AntennaTaoglasDatasheet