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Category: Audio ADCs
Manufacturer: Cmedia
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Product ImageCM6327A USB mono ADC with mono Mic-In CmediaDatasheet
Product ImageCM6500B Cmedia CM6500B Audio ChipCmediaDatasheet
Product ImageCM6317A USB stereo ADC with stereo Mic-In CmediaDatasheet
Product ImageCM108AH USB audio codec with I2S and driverCmediaDatasheet
Product ImageCM6530N CM6530N USB 2.0 Full Speed Audio USB 2.0 audio chipCmedia
Product ImageCM6535 CM6535 USB 2.0 Audio Chip with Tri-Colors PWM LED driverCmediaDatasheet
Product ImageCM108AH-EVB Evaluation Board for CM108AHCmediaDatasheet
Product ImageCM6307A CM6307Cmedia
Product ImageCM6502-EVB CM6502 Eval BoardCmediaDatasheet
Product ImageCM6523B CM6500 + EQ + AGC + I2S I/F + iDevice F/W (One-way 2CH 24bit/96KHz)CmediaDatasheet
Product ImageCM6530N + CM9600 Eval Board CM6530N_CM9600-EVAL Audio Eval BoardCmedia
Product ImageCM6536N CM6536NCmedia