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Category: Audio ADCs
Manufacturer: Cmedia
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Image Part Number Description Manufacturer Price
CM6327A USB mono ADC with mono Mic-In CmediaDatasheet
CM6500B Cmedia CM6500B Audio ChipCmediaDatasheet
CM6317A USB stereo ADC with stereo Mic-In CmediaDatasheet
CM108AH USB audio codec with I2S and driverCmediaDatasheet
CM6535 CM6535 USB 2.0 Audio Chip with Tri-Colors PWM LED driverCmediaDatasheet
CM108AH-EVB Evaluation Board for CM108AHCmediaDatasheet
CM6307A CM6307Cmedia
CM6502-EVB CM6502 Eval BoardCmediaDatasheet
CM6523B CM6500 + EQ + AGC + I2S I/F + iDevice F/W (One-way 2CH 24bit/96KHz)CmediaDatasheet
CM6530N CM6530N USB 2.0 Full Speed Audio USB 2.0 audio chipCmedia
CM6530N + CM9600 Eval Board CM6530N_CM9600-EVAL Audio Eval BoardCmedia
CM6536N CM6536NCmedia