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Category: Wireless
Manufacturer: Silicon Motion
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FCM9000SC-100 Ultra Low Power Wi-Fi SoCSilicon Motion
FCM9000SE-100 FC9000 Module with external antenna connector, FCC certified, Wi-Fi certifiedSilicon Motion
FC9000 Ultra Low Power Wi-Fi® SoCSilicon MotionProduct Brief
FCM9000P-100EB00 Ultra Low Power Wi-Fi® SoC Eval BoardSilicon Motion
FCM9000E-100EB00 Ultra Low Power Wi-Fi® SoC Eval BoardSilicon Motion
MB611GX4DBD1 MO297 SATA 4GB CommericalFerriSSDSilicon Motion
MB611GX8DBD1 MO297 SATA 8GB CommericalFerriSSDSilicon Motion
MB611GXADBD1 MO297 SATA 16GB CommericalFerriSSDSilicon Motion
MB611GXBDBD1 MO297 SATA 32GB CommericalFerriSSDSilicon Motion
MB611GXCDBD1 MO297 SATA 64GB CommericalFerriSSDSilicon Motion
MB651GE2DBD1 MO297 SATA 2GB XtendFerriSSD + i-TempSilicon Motion
MB651GE4DBD1 MO297 SATA 4GB XtendFerriSSD + i-TempSilicon Motion
MB651GEADBD1 MO297 SATA 16GB XtendFerriSSD + i-TempSilicon Motion
MB651GEBDBD1 MO297 SATA 32GB XtendFerriSSD + i-TempSilicon Motion
MB651GX2DBD1 MO297 SATA 2GB XtendFerriSSDSilicon Motion
MB651GX4DBD1 MO297 SATA 4GB XtendFerriSSDSilicon Motion
MB651GX8DBD1 MO297 SATA 8GB XtendFerriSSDSilicon Motion
MB651GXADBD1 MO297 SATA 16GB XtendFerriSSDSilicon Motion
MB651GXBDBD1 MO297 SATA 32GB XtendFerriSSDSilicon Motion
MC611GX4DBD1 MO300A SATA 4GB CommericalFerriSSDSilicon Motion
MC611GX8DBD1 MO300A SATA 8GB CommericalFerriSSDSilicon Motion
MC611GXADBD1 MO300A SATA 16GB CommericalFerriSSDSilicon Motion
MC611GXBDBD1 MO300A SATA 32GB CommericalFerriSSDSilicon Motion
MC611GXCDBD1 MO300A SATA 64GB CommericalFerriSSDSilicon Motion
MC651GE2DBD1 MO300A SATA 2GB XtendFerriSSD + i-TempSilicon Motion