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Image Part Number Description Manufacturer Resources Price
Product Image20-101-1254 BOARD DGTL I/O RCM56/57XXDigi International
Product Image20-101-1267 BOARD DEMO SBC RCM5700 MINICOREDigi International
Product Image20-101-1338 RCM6700 - Interface BoardDigi International
Product Image20-151-0101 Specialised Cables Assembly Download 1.27MM and 2MM Pitch CablesDigi International
Product Image20-151-0178 Rabbit-based Boards - USB to RS232 AdapterDigi International
Product Image20-151-0183 POWER SUPPLY 12VDC 1A UNIVDigi International
Product Image301-1001-15-B25 EDGEPORT 1 2M CABLE 25PCDigi International
Product Image301-1010-34 HUBPORT 4CM USB2 DC 1PKDigi InternationalDatasheet
Product Image301-1010-44 HUBPORT 4C 5.5-30V B CONNECTORDigi InternationalDatasheet
Product Image301-1010-45 CABLE HUBPORT 4C USB2.0 5V INPUTDigi InternationalDatasheet
Product Image301-1010-74 HUBPORT USBDigi InternationalDatasheet
Product Image301-1010-75 HUBPORT USBDigi InternationalDatasheet
Product Image301-1010-78 HUBPORT 7C 5.5-30V CAPTIVEDigi International
Product Image301-1012-04 RAPIDPORT 5V 2.5A WALL PSDigi InternationalDatasheet
Product Image301-2010-27 HUBPORT 7C USB2.0 INT'L 5VDigi InternationalDatasheet
Product Image301-9000-01 CABLE USB5 A TO B 1M IVORYDigi InternationalDatasheet
Product Image301-9000-02 USB CABLE A - B 5M IVORYDigi International
Product Image301-9000-04 KIT PLUG INT'L AC POWER SUPPLYDigi International
Product Image301-9000-06 USB A TO B 3M CABLE IVORYDigi International
Product Image301-9000-07 USB CABLE A - B RS232 BLACK 2MDigi International
Product Image301-9000-10 USB CABLE A - BDigi International
Product Image301-9000-23 POWER SUPPLY 5V 3A WALL MT PLUGSDigi International
Product Image301-9000-25 POWER SUPPLY 5V 3ADigi International
Product Image301-9001-01 RACK MOUNT KITDigi International
Product Image301-9003-01 SMALL SHELF BRACKEDigi International