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XBC-V1-UT-001 Digi XBee Cellular LTE Cat 1, Verizon LTE Cat 1, Dual U.FL, TH, USADigi InternationalDatasheet
XB3-C-A2-UT-001 Digi XBee3 Cellular Smart Modem, LTE-MDigi InternationalDatasheet
WR11-L800-DE1-XU TransPort WR11 XT - Cellular 4G LTE Verizon, 1 Ethernet PortDigi InternationalDatasheet
XB3-C-A1-UT-001 Digi XBee3 Cellular Smart Modem, LTE-CAT 1, North AmericaDigi International
WR11-U900-DE1-XB Digi TransPort WR11 - Cellular (HSPA+ Global), Ethernet (1 Port)Digi InternationalDatasheet
WR11-M600-DE1-XB TransPort WR11XT LTE-NADigi InternationalDatasheet
X2E-Z3C-W1-W XBee Gateway - ZigBee to Ethernet/Wi-Fi (International)Digi InternationalDatasheet
WR21-L52B-DE1-SU TransPort WR21 - 4G LTE Multi-Carrier North America Antennas & Power Supply includedDigi InternationalDatasheet
WR31-M82A-DE1-TB TransPort WR31, LTE router 450MHzDigi InternationalDatasheet
WR44-L5G1-CE1-RF TransPort WR44 R - Cellular (4G LTE Multi-Carrier Software Defined, North America), No WiFi, GPS, An...Digi InternationalDatasheet
WR11-L600-DE1-XU TransPort WR11 XT - Cellular (4G LTE North America (AT&T and GSM Carriers)), Ethernet (1 Port)Digi InternationalDatasheet
WR21-M52B-DE1-SB TransPort WR21,LTE-NADigi InternationalDatasheet
WR44-M8F1-AE1-RF Enterprise class, commercial grade Wi-Fi to cellular router with flexible interface options ideal fo...Digi InternationalDatasheet
XK3-C-A2-UT-U Digi XBee3 Cellular Smart Modem, LTE M, Development Kit, AT&TDigi InternationalDatasheet
WR31-L52A-DE1-TB TransPort M2M Router WR31 North America Multi-Carrier 4G LTEDigi InternationalDatasheet
XBC-M5-UT-001 Global 3G cellular embedded modemDigi InternationalDatasheet
LR54-AW401 Digi TransPort LR54, LTE-A Cat 6, Wi-Fi, power supply and antenna includedDigi InternationalDatasheetProduct Brief
XB24CAWIT-001 XBee 802.15.4 through-hole module w/ wire antennaDigi InternationalDatasheet
76002067 Digi International 76002067 Antenna, IP67 SMA, 2G/3G/LTEDigi International
CC-SB-WMX-L76C ConnectCore 6 SBC, i.MX6DualLiteDigi InternationalDatasheet
CC-SB-WMX-L76C-1 ConnectCore 6 SBC, i.MX6DualLite, Industrial, 800 MHz, -40 C to 85 C, 4 GB flash, 512 MB DDR3, 80...Digi InternationalDatasheet
CC6-CONNECTIVITY-IN-A-BOX CC6 Wireless Connectivity In-A-Box KitDigi InternationalProduct Brief
CSENSE-A200 Connect Sensor, LTE VerizonDigi InternationalDatasheet
CSENSE-A200-N Connect Sensor, LTE Verizon NODigi InternationalDatasheet
CSENSE-A210 Connect Sensor+, Verizon LTEDigi InternationalDatasheet