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Category: Embedded Boards
Manufacturer: Digi International
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Image Part Number Description Manufacturer Resources Price
Product Image20-101-0461 COMPUTER SGL-BOARD FULL BL2100Digi International
Product Image20-101-0184 MODULE SBC FWT50Digi International
Product Image20-101-0412 DISPLAY GRAPHIC 12KEY PROG OP670Digi International
Product Image20-101-0462 COMPUTER SINGLE-BOARD BL2110Digi International
Product Image20-101-0492 MODULE OP6800 FULL-FEATUREDDigi International
Product Image20-101-0525 COMPUTER SINGLE-BOARD LP3500 FOXDigi International
Product Image20-101-0654 INTERFACE OP6800 512K FLASH&SRAMDigi International
Product Image20-101-0889 COMPUTER SGL-BRD 44.2MHZ BL2600Digi International
Product Image20-101-1220 COMPUTER SINGLE-BOARD BL4S200Digi InternationalDatasheet
Product Image20-101-1257 COMPUTER SINGLE-BOARD BL4S150Digi International
Product Image20-101-1258 COMPUTER SINGLE-BOARD BL4S160Digi International
Product Image20-101-1260 BL5S220 SBC (RCM5400-BASED)Digi InternationalDatasheet
Product ImageCC-SB-WMX-J97 ConnectCore 6 SBC, i.MX6Quad, Ext Commercial, 1.2 GHzDigi InternationalDatasheet
Product ImageCC-SB-WMX-L76C-1 ConnectCore 6 SBC, i.MX6DualLite, Industrial, 800 MHz, -40° C to 85° C,  4 GB flash, 512 MB DDR3, 80...Digi InternationalDatasheet