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Product Image20-101-1093 RabbitCore® Embedded Module Rabbit 4000 29.49MHz 256KB 512KBDigi International
Product ImageXBP9B-DPUT-001 RF TXRX MODULE ISM<1GHZ U.FL ANTDigi InternationalDatasheet
Product ImageXBP9X-DMUS-001 XBee-PRO SX, 1W, DigiMesh, Point to Multipoint, SMT, U.FL, North AmericaDigi InternationalDatasheet
Product Image76000821 DC POWER CORD - 4MDigi International
Product ImageXBP24CZ7UIT-004 RF TXRX MODULE 802.15.4 U.FL ANTDigi InternationalDatasheet
Product ImageXBP9B-DMWT-002 XBee PRO DigiMesh With Wire AntennaDigi InternationalDatasheet
Product ImageX2E-Z3C-W1-W XBee Gateway - ZigBee to Ethernet/Wi-Fi (International)Digi InternationalDatasheet
Product ImageX2E-Z3C-W1-A XBee Gateway - ZigBee to Ethernet/Wi-FiDigi InternationalDatasheet
Product ImageASB-EX15-XX06-OUS Digi Cellular Extender: ModelDigi International
Product Image20-101-1131 RabbitCore® Embedded Module Rabbit 4000 58.98MHz 1MB 512KB (Internal), 8MB (External)Digi International
Product ImageXBP9X-DMUS-011 XBEE-PRO SX, 1W, DIGIMESH, SMTDigi InternationalDatasheet
Product ImageA09-HASM-675 900MHz Whip, Tilt RF Antenna 902MHz ~ 928MHz 2.15dBi Connector, RP-SMA Female Connector MountDigi International
Product Image20-101-1139 RabbitCore® Embedded Module Rabbit 4000 58.98MHz 1MB 1MB (Internal), microSD Slot (External)Digi International
Product Image20-101-0673 RabbitCore® Embedded Module Rabbit 3000 22.1MHz 128KB 256KBDigi International
Product ImageXBP9XT-DPRS-001 XBee-PRO, 1W, XTend Compatible, P2MP, SMT, RF PadDigi InternationalDatasheet
Product Image20-101-0453 RabbitCore® Embedded Module Rabbit 2000 22.1MHz 128KB 256KBDigi International
Product Image20-101-1220 COMPUTER SINGLE-BOARD BL4S200Digi InternationalDatasheet
Product ImageXTP9B-PKI-RA XTEND-PKG RFDigi InternationalDatasheet
Product ImageXB3-24Z8UT-J XBee3,2.4 Ghz ZB 3.0, U.FL Ant, TH MTDigi InternationalDatasheet
Product ImageDC-EM-02T-C Digi Connect EM® Family Wired and Wireless Embedded ModulesDigi InternationalDatasheet
Product ImageXBP9B-XCST-001 RF TXRX MODULE ISM<1GHZ RP-SMADigi InternationalDatasheet
Product ImageXTP9B-PKC-UA XTEND-PKG RFDigi InternationalDatasheet
Product ImageWR21-M52B-DE1-SB TransPort WR21,LTE-NADigi InternationalDatasheet
Product ImageXM-M92-2P-AA MODEM XBEE 900HP 200K RS-232 AUSDigi International
Product ImageXM-M92-2P-UA MODEM XBEE 900HP 200K RS-232Digi International