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Manufacturer: Monolithic Power Systems
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MPM3630GQV-Z IC REG BUCK SYNC 18V 3A 20QFNMonolithic Power S...Datasheet
MP2403DN-LF-Z IC REG BUCK ADJ 3A SYNCMonolithic Power S...Datasheet
MPQ8632GL-8-Z IC REG BUCK ADJ 8A SYNCMonolithic Power S...
MPM3610AGQV-P IC REG BUCK ADJ 0.6A SYNC 20QFNMonolithic Power S...Datasheet
MPM3620AGQV-Z IC REG BUCK ADJ 2A SYNC 20QFNMonolithic Power S...Datasheet
MPM3810GQB-P IC REG BUCK ADJ 1.2A SYNCMonolithic Power S...Datasheet
MP173GS-Z 700 V Non-Isolated Off-Line Regulator Up to 280 mA Output CurrentMonolithic Power S...Datasheet
MA704GQ-Z Board Mount Hall Effect / Magnetic Sensors 10-bitMonolithic Power S...Datasheet
MP7720DS-LF IC AUDIO AMP CLASS D 8SOICMonolithic Power S...Datasheet
MPM3515GQV-Z 36V, 1.5A Module, Synchronous, Step-Down Converter with an Integrated Inductor AEC-Q100 QualifiedMonolithic Power S...Datasheet
MP8861GL-Z 2.85V - 18V, 6A, High-Efficiency, Wide-Input, Synchronous, Step-Down ConverterMonolithic Power S...Datasheet
MPM3684GRU 18V 15A Step-Down Power Module in 12x15x4mm QFNMonolithic Power S...Datasheet
MP5018GD-P IC CURR LIMIT SWITCHMonolithic Power S...
MP7722DF-LF IC AUDIO AMP CLASS D 20TSSOPFMonolithic Power S...Datasheet
MP2013AGG-Z 40V, 150mA, Low-Quiescent Current Linear RegulatorMonolithic Power S...Datasheet
mEZD71202A-G 4.5V - 24V Input, 2A, DC/DC Power SupplyMonolithic Power S...Datasheet
MP4012DS-LF IC LED DRIVERMonolithic Power S...Datasheet
MA300GQ-P All-in-one solution for 3-phase block commutation in BLDC motorsMonolithic Power S...Datasheet
MP9361DJ-LF-Z IC REG SWTCHD CAP 5V 0.11AMonolithic Power S...Datasheet
NB671LAGQ-P IC REG BUCK ADJ 6A SYNCMonolithic Power S...
MP1584EN-LF IC REG BUCK ADJ 3AMonolithic Power S...
MP2363DN-LF IC REG BUCK ADJ 3AMonolithic Power S...Datasheet
EV2615-Q-00A 2A, 1- or 2- Cell Li-Ion Battery Charger In 3mm×3mm PackageMonolithic Power S...Datasheet
EV2639C-R-00A Evaluation Board for MP2639Monolithic Power S...
EV3429-L-00A 16VOUT, 21A, High-Efficiency, Fully Integrated, Synchronous, Boost ConverterMonolithic Power S...