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Product ImageLBWA1UZ1GC-958 CypressWLAN ChipsetCYW43907for 802.11a/b/g/nMurataDatasheet
Product ImageLBWA1ZZ1JP WiFi module based on TI CC3100 chipsetMurata
Product ImageLBEH5HMZPC WiFi and BLE/EDR module based on Cypress CYW4339Murata
Product ImageLBEE5ZZ1MD-011 WiFi module based on Cypress CYW43438 + MCU (Electric Imp)Murata
Product ImageLBEE5ZZ1PJ-164 Qualcomm Chipset for 802.11a/b/g/n/ac + Bluetooth 4.2 (Dual)MurataDatasheet
Product ImageLBEE5KL1DX-883 802.11bgn and BLE 4.1 module based on Cypress' CYW4343WMurataDatasheet
Product ImageLBEE5KL1DX-TEMP-DS-SD 802.11bgn and BLE 4.1 Dev Kit based on Cypress CYW4343WMurataDatasheet
Product ImageLBWA1KL1FX 802.11bgn WiFi module based on Cypress CYW43364MurataDatasheet
Product ImageLBWA1ZZ1HD 802.11bgn WiFi module based on Cypress CYW43438 with MCUMurataDatasheet
Product ImageLBEE5HY1MW-230 Murata Wi-Fi/BT Solution for i.MXMurata
Product ImagePRF15BC102RB6RC 1Kohm@25C 32volts 1K Temp = 15Murata
Product ImageLBEE5PA1LD-005 Ultra Small WiFi + Bluetooth + MCU ModuleMurata
Product ImageMTHMR-N-0002A NTC Thermistor evaluation boardMurata