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Product ImageDifferential Pressure Sensors Sensirion - Differential Pressure Sensor with Analog OutputSensirionDatasheet
Product ImageDigital Humidity Sensor SHT3x Sensirion - Humidity and Temperature Sensor ICSensirionDatasheet
Product ImageDigital Humidity Sensor SHTC3 Sensirion - Humidity and Temperature Sensor ICSensirionDatasheet
Product Image3.000.392 SLF3S-0600F Evaluation KitSensirionDatasheet
Product Image3.000.393 Sensirion - Pulsation Damping Kit for Sensirion Liquid Flow SensorsSensirion
Product ImageMass Flow Meter SFM3019 Sensirion - Digital flow meter for high-volume applicationSensirionDatasheet
Product ImageParticulate Matter Sensor SPS3 Sensirion - Particulate Matter Sensor for Air Quality Monitoring and ControlSensirionDatasheet
Product Image3.000.472 STC31 Evaluation Kit: Ready to use including SHTC3 RH/T Sensor, connection cable to Sensirion's Sen...SensirionDatasheet
Product Image3.000.456 SEK-SVM40 EvalKit for SGP40SensirionDatasheet
Product Image1-101607-01 Sensirion - Single-use digital flow meter for Neonatal/Pediatric Medical ApplicationsSensirionDatasheet
Product Image3.000.384 Gas Sensor 2.5k pcs ICSensirionDatasheet
Product Image3.000.391 SLF3S-0600F Liquid Flow SensorSensirionDatasheet
Product Image3.000.160 STC31, Thermal Conductivity Sensor for CO2 ICSensirionDatasheet
Product Image3.000.331 STC31, Thermal Conductivity Sensor for CO2, ICSensirionDatasheet