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Manufacturer: Nordic Semiconductor
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NRF52832-QFAA-T Multiprotocol Bluetooth low energy/ANT/2.4GHz RF SoCNordic SemiconductorProduct Brief
NRF52832-QFAA-T-BXO 64MHz ARM Cortex-M4F, 2.4GHz multi-protocol SoCNordic SemiconductorProduct Brief
NRF52832-QFAB-R Nordic NRF52832-QFAB-R-REV1Nordic SemiconductorDatasheet
nRF52832-QFAB-R7 Nordic NRF52832-QFAB-R7-REV1Nordic SemiconductorDatasheet
NRF52840-CKAA-R High-end Bluetooth 5/Thread/802.15.4/ANT/2.4GHz multiprotocol SoCNordic SemiconductorDatasheet
NRF52840-PDK nRF52840 Preview Development Kit for nRF52840 wireless SoCNordic Semiconductor
nRF52840-QIAA-T nRF52840 Advanced multi-protocol SoCNordic SemiconductorDatasheet
NRF6700 nRFgo Starter KitNordic Semiconductor
NRF6701 nRFgo nRF24LE1 48-pin Flash/OTP Programming Adapter kitNordic SemiconductorProduct Brief
NRF6702 nRFgo nRF24LE1 32-pin Flash/OTP Programming Adapter kitNordic SemiconductorProduct Brief
NRF6703 nRFgo nRF24LE1 24-pin Flash/OTP Programming Adapter kitNordic SemiconductorProduct Brief
NRF6704 nRFgo nRF24LU1+ Flash/OTP Programming Adapter kitNordic Semiconductor
NRF6905 nRFready Basic Remote ControlNordic Semiconductor
NRF6909 NRF6909 nRFready R/C Racing 2.4GHz Reference DesignNordic Semiconductor
NRF6910 nRFReady ANT USB Dongle with nRFAP2 ChipsetNordic Semiconductor
NRF6915 NRF6915 nRFready Microphone for 2.4 GHz RF wirelessNordic SemiconductorDatasheet
NRF6916 nRFready µBlue DesktopNordic Semiconductor
nRF6924 nRFready Smart Remote 2 nRF51822 Reference DesignNordic SemiconductorProduct Brief
nRF6928 nRFReady nRF51 Desktop KitNordic SemiconductorProduct Brief
NRF8001-DK Development Kit for nRF8001 Bluetooth low energy ICNordic SemiconductorDatasheet
NRF8001-R2Q32-R7 Bluetooth low energy Connectivity ICNordic Semiconductor
NRF905-EVKIT-868/915 NRF905-EVKIT Multiband Wireless Transceiver Evaluation KitNordic SemiconductorDatasheet
NRF905-EVKIT-433 NRF905-EVKIT433 900MHz Wireless Transceiver Evaluation KitNordic SemiconductorDatasheet
NRF9E5 NRF9E5 Multiband 433/868/915MHz Wireless Transceiver with Embedded MCU and ADCNordic SemiconductorDatasheetProduct Brief
NRF9E5-EVKIT-868/915 NRF9E5-EVKIT Multiband Wireless Transceiver/MCU/ADC Evaluation KitNordic SemiconductorDatasheet