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Product ImageCP2104-F03-GM Silicon Labs I/O Controller Interface IC USB to UART bridgeSilicon LabsDatasheet
Product ImageSi8455BA-B-IU General Purpose tal Isolator 1000Vrms 5 Channel 150Mbps 25kV/µs (Typ) CMTI 16-SSOP (0.154", 3.90mm W...Silicon Labs
Product ImageSi5340B-B-GM IC CLK BUFFER PLL 44QFNSilicon LabsDatasheet
Product ImageSI5345B-D09731-GM 10-Channel, Any-Frequency, Any-Output Jitter Attenuator/Clock MultiplierSilicon LabsDatasheet
Product ImageSLTB001A Thunderboard SenseSilicon LabsDatasheet
Product ImageETRX357USB-HA ETRX357USB-HA Telegesis USB Stick ETRX357USBSilicon LabsProduct Brief
Product Image532AA000212DGR Dual Frequency XO, OE Pin 2Silicon LabsDatasheet
Product ImageAMW037-1.4.0R Wi-Fi networking module for low cost IoT edge devicesSilicon Labs
Product ImageC8051F342-GQ Next gen available (F381-GQ) 48 MIPS,64KB,10ADC,USB,32Pin Silicon LabsDatasheet
Product ImageC8051F344-GQ Next gen available. (F380-GQ) 25 MIPS,64KB,10ADC,USB,48Pin Silicon LabsDatasheet
Product ImageEFR32MG12P232F1024GM48-C Wireless Mighty Gecko 32-bit Premium, Sub-GHz, 1024 KB FlashSilicon LabsDatasheet
Product ImageSI3210M-GT Telecom IC Subscriber Line Interface Concept (SLIC), CODEC 38-TSSOPSilicon LabsDatasheet
Product ImageSI5345B-B05608-GM High Performance Jitter Attenuator Clock MultiplierSilicon LabsDatasheet
Product ImageSi8440BB-D-IS1 General Purpose tal Isolator 2500Vrms 4 Channel 150Mbps 25kV/µs (Typ) CMTI 16-SOIC (0.154", 3.90mm W...Silicon Labs
Product Image510KCA156M250AAG Crystal Oscillator (XO) 100 Khz TO 250 MhzSilicon LabsDatasheet
Product ImageCP2102-GM Silicon Labs USB Interface IC USB to UART Bdg ChipSilicon LabsDatasheet
Product ImageEFR32BG12P232F1024GM68-C EFR32BG12 Blue Gecko Bluetooth® Low EnergySilicon LabsDatasheet
Product ImageWF111-E-V1 Wi-Fi module,802.11 b/g/n, external antenna connector, Linux DriversSilicon LabsDatasheet
Product Image511EBA150M000BAG Crystal Oscillator (XO) 100 Khz TO 250 MhzSilicon LabsDatasheet
Product Image514EBB000159BAG Any Frequency General Purpose Oscillator (XO)Silicon LabsDatasheet
Product Image550ND311M040DG Voltage-Controlled Crystal Oscillator (VCXO) 10 MHz TO 1.4 GHzSilicon LabsDatasheet
Product Image570BCA001407DG Any, I²C Programmable XOSilicon LabsDatasheet
Product ImageBGM11S12F256GA-V2 Bluetooth 4.x SiP Module 3dbm with antennaSilicon Labs
Product ImageMGM12P22F1024GA-V2R Multi-protocol Module +10 dBm -105 dBm Integrated chip antenna Reel (1000 pcs) Full Production (cert...Silicon LabsDatasheet
Product ImageSi8716BC-A-ISR General Purpose tal Isolator 3750Vrms 1 Channel 15Mbps 35kV/µs CMTI 8-SOIC (0.154", 3.90mm Width)Silicon Labs