Single-Package SSD Solutions for Embedded Applications


eMMC Memory in 100-ball BGA

EE Live! 2014 showcases FerriSSD® and Ferri-eMMC™ by Silicon Motion Technology

Learn more about FerriSSD™ & Ferri-eMMC®

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Learn more about FerriSSD™ & Ferri-eMMC®

Easy to Use

  • Small footprint for space-limited designs
  • Excellent long term reliability

Lower Total Cost of Ownership

  • Rugged & Reliable (no moving parts)
  • Eliminate requalification cost from NAND generation change
  • Cost saving with low density FerriSSD, HDD are typically > 160GB capacity

Eliminate Down Time

  • Supports self-monitoring, analysis and reporting technology commands (S.M.A.R.T.)
  • Field programmable firmware update available

Customization Available

  • Configurable enhanced partition with content preload/protect
  • Technical and firmware customization available


FerriSSD® is designed optimally for a wide range of embedded applications requiring faster access, small form factor and reliable SATA/PATA storage. By combining industry proven technology, NAND flash and passive components into a single BGA package with 1.0mm ball-pitch size, FerriSSD® also comes with advanced firmware features as well as the provision for customized firmware –enabling highly reliable and differentiable storage solutions.

The FerriSSD® family consists of SM651/SM631/SM611 SATA 3Gb/s series as well as the SM621/SM641/SM601 PATA series single-package SSDs. All FerriSSD® series support SLC, SLCmode, and MLC NAND flash options.

FerriSSD 6Gbps w/ DRAM

Silicon Motion's latest FerriSSD® SM619 and SM659 series products are single-package SATA 6Gb/s SSDs that feature embedded DRAM to enhance data storage efficiency and increase performance. These highly integrated solutions embed Silicon Motion's NAND flash controller, industry standard NAND flash memory and DRAM in a small 90-ball, 1.0mm pitch BGA package (16x20x2mm). The embedded DRAM extends the SSD life and delivers best-in-class performance of up to 75,000 random IOPs.

These solutions also leverage advanced Silicon Motion technologies including PowerShield, DataPhoenix, Intelligent Scan DataRefresh, SSDLifeGuard® health-monitoring, remote firmware update, and other patented proprietary features.


Ferri-eMMC™ is the latest member of our proud Ferri family, which leverages Silicon Motion's industry leading technologies and experience in NAND flash controllers, along with the highly integrated Multi-Chip Package (MCP) solution from the Ferri family.

Ferri-eMMC™ is designed optimally for a wide range of embedded applications and is fully compliant to the industrial standard eMMC/JEDEC 4.5 protocol. With the 100-ball BGA, 1.0mm pitch package design, Ferri-eMMC™ provides more flexible PCB design and low-cost manufacturing. Inheriting the best technology from the Ferri family, Ferri-eMMC™ features advanced NAND management features such as error correction, bad block management and health monitoring, enabling Ferri-eMMC™ to deliver the most robust data integrity and protection in the market.

With high reliability NAND management and customizable firmware design, Ferri-eMMC™ is the ultimate non-volatile storage for today’s cutting edge industrial embedded applications.


  • Handheld/Portable Devices
  • Blueray Player/Recorder/Imaging Applications
  • Automotive Infotainment System/GPS
  • Network/Thin Client/Telecommunication Applications
  • Test Instrument
  • Military