About DIGI
DIGI International is a wireless solution provider. We help automate and remotely manage critical care medical systems for hospitals and patient homes. Our array of machine connectivity solutions are relentlessly reliable, secure, scalable, managed, and always come through when you need it most.
Why Trust DIGI
  • Enterprise Level Wireless Applications
  • Product Longevity with Assured Availability
  • Fast Roaming Between Multiple Access Points for Critical Devices
  • Software Expertise in Linux Development
  • Highly Secure & Private Information Transfer
  • Extensive R&D Resource with Zero Long-term Debt
  • 8-10 Year Lifecycles with 5 Year Warranties
  • Assistance with FDA/EMA Regulatory Approval Process
  • Software for Medical Development and Design
  • Adherence to Customer Validation & Verification Processes
  • Stringent Process Control for Custom Part Numbers
  • RF Communication Platforms with 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz Options
  • Global Certifications for OEMs
  • Optimized U-Boot for Faster Boot
Medical Applications Using DIGI
Infusion Pump Digi ConnectCore® 6UL System on Module Extended battery life and fast roaming between access points for critical devices Key Features Optimized Deep Sleep Mode Uninterrupted Wireless Communication Dual-band WiFi 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac and BT 4.2 Based on ARM Cortex-A7 Surface Mount
Patient Monitoring Application Digi XBee® SX Bring precision, ease of use, safety, and versatility to your practice Key Features 256-bit AES Encryption Reliable Low Cost Connectivity 400 MHz Long Range Communication Simple Point to Multi-point Mode
Lymphedema Pumps Digi XBee® Zigbee Pro S2C + Digi XBee® Gateway Wireless communications for ease-of-use and maximum comfort Key Features Firmware Update via UART, SPI, or OTA Through-Hole and Surface Mount Form Factor Highly Versatile Operating Temperature Industry Leading Sleep Current Remote Management via Device Cloud
Other Applications using DIGI
Smart Infusion Pumps - Secure wireless connectivity
Cart on Wheels - Mobile care and medication
Patient Monitoring - Centralized mobile monitoring systems
Bedside Monitoring - Remote patient monitoring system
Blood Analysis - Deliver and document accurate results with EMR
Portable AED - Automated external defibrillator
Glucose Meter - Real-time blood sugar monitoring
DIGI Products for Medical
Digi ConnectCore ® CC6 / CC6UL Families
ARM Cortex-A7 @ 528 MHz | Up to 2 GB NAND flash | Pre-certified 802.11a/b/g/n/ac | Embedded device security framework Starter Kits: CC-WMX6UL-START | CC-WMX6UL-KIT |
Digi XBee® Cellular Family
20-pin XBee TH Form Factor | FCC & Carrier End-device Certified | Secure Boot | Encrypted Storage
Starter Kits: XKC-VIT-U
Module: XBC-V1-UT-001
Digi XBee® ZigBee Family
128-bit AES Encryption | x4 10-bit ADC Inputs | Point-to-Multipoint Networking | Programmable 32 KB Flash/2 KB RAM Starter Kits: XKA2C-Z7T-U | XKB2-Z7T-WZM |
Digi XBee® Gateway Family
Freescale i.MX28 Processor | 20 MB RAM | Secure Enterprise Management via Device Cloud | Digi Embedded Linux Starter Kits: XKA2C-Z7T-U | X2E-Z3C-E1-A | X2E-Z3C-W1-A |
X2E-Z4C-D2-A | X2E-Z4C-H1-A | X2E-Z4C-D1-A
Digi ConnectPort® TS MEI
Serial-ethernet integration | Tx/Rx LED's per port | Web proxy support | Multi-user access controls | Remote manager support Products: PortServer TS | PortServer TS MEI |
ConnectPort LTS 8 / 16 / 32
Digi Transport® Family
LTE-A with HSPA+ Fallback | 10/100/1000 Mbits/s | Throughput up to 866 Mbps (802.11ac) | 2.4 GHz - 5 GHz TX Power Products: LR 54 | WR 31 | WR 11 | WR 21 | WR 44|
WR 44R | WR 44 RR
Services offered from concept to production
Design services
Software development
Hardware design
Design reviews
System integration
Questions you should ask every wireless solution provider - including us
  • Do you know the medical device business?
  • Do you know our basic processes and what we expect?
  • Are you aware of our long-term availability requirements?
  • Do you know what's required for us to get regulatory approvals (FDA/EMA)?
  • Do your RF platforms meet the expectations of a hospital environment?
  • What are the software capabilities of your embedded devices? How well do you support software development?
  • Do you have the infrastructure to support medical device engineering and production?
  • What's your internal process for quality control?
Compliance, Standards and Technologies
Depend on Digi to make building your wireless products as easy and as secure as possible. Digi wireless devices are RF-certified giving you faster access to the medical market while being rigorously compliant to protect your products and networks in the wild.