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Block Diagram Realtek Silicon Motion Silvertel Motion Control Trinamic Crosslink ECP5 HDMI AMD

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Embedded vision offers a promising future with many exciting new applications entering the market. These systems are used in industrial display systems for M2M applications and for Industry 4.0 implementations, Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) and infotainment applications for automotive, DSLR cameras, drones, robotics, virtual reality (VR) systems, and medical equipment.

Lattice's product portfolio offers flexible solutions to address today's embedded vision designer's needs, such as evolving interface requirements, energy-efficient image signal processing and hardware acceleration.

Lattice and Symmetry can help you create flexible and power-efficient solutions for Embedded Vision Processing at the Edge.

Modular Video Interface Platform (VIP) for embedded vision - Ultimate software and hardware prototyping environment for embedded system designers.

Flexible interface connectivity - Ability to mix and match input and output boards to interface with a variety of image sensors and displays.

Energy efficient image pre-processing and acceleration - Perfectly suited for Industry 4.0 machine vision, surround view cameras in smart automotive application, drones, smart city, retail applications, medical applications and augmented reality.


  • All-inclusive development kit with on-board video sources
  • CrossLink VIP Input Bridge Board with two Sony IMX 214 high-speed MIPI D-PHY interface camera sensors
  • Standard image sensor connector for easy sensor exchange
  • ECP5 VIP Processor Board with ECP5-85 FPGA for optimized image signal processing
  • HDMI VIP Output Bridge Board for seamless connection to HD displays
  • On-board USB programming interface eliminates the need for external programming hardware
  • Includes dual MIPI CSI-2 to 1080p HDMI demo

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Embedded Vision Solutions Product Brochure
Embedded Vision Solutions Product Brochure

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