Symmetry Electronics announces the release of the industrys first 2.4GHz wireless audio streaming solution

Apr 16, 2005
HAWTHORNE, CA April 16, 2005 Symmetry Electronics is excited to announce the release of Nordic Semiconductors nRF24Z1 wireless audio transceiver. The nRF24Z1 is the industrys first wireless single chip solution for CD-Quality audio streaming. Nordic has done it again! said Symmetry President Joe Caravana. They continue to lead by innovation with this new, CD-Quality, Wireless Audio Streaming transceiver. Ive experienced it and the sound quality is incredible. The nRF24Z1 from Nordic utilizes 2.4GHz band and Nordic Semiconductors latest 4Mbit/s MegaZtream platform embedding a state-of-the-art Quality of Service (QoS) subsystem with an ultra low power robust 4Mbit/s wireless 2.4GHz transceiver and all appropriate digital audio interfaces creating a complete digital wireless audio streaming solution in a 6x6mm package. The nRF24Z1 wireless audio transceiver features a well-balanced design where attention is paid to every detail of the audio interface and the challenging tasks of streaming CD-quality audio with no glitches and degradation in performance in the presence of other disturbing sources such as WLAN, cordless telephones and Bluetooth. The MegaZtream platform is based around a powerful 4Mbit/s 2.4GHz wireless RF transceiver, which ensures that there is plenty of bandwidth to stream and transmit 16-bit 48Kspls/s CD quality audio without compression. In addition to its streaming audio capabilities the nRF24Z1 boasts a digital control information channel for the smooth transfer of control information such as volume, balance, track and display. "The nRF24Z1 MegaZtream platform from Nordic is revolutionary in terms of cost, ease of use, feature set and performance. It is a chip designed for streaming audio, and with its interfaces and powerful 4Mbit/s radio it constitutes an ideal solution for low power portable audio streaming, as well as stationary HiFi/Surround systems demanding low link delay" says Geir Langeland, Product Manager Std. Components Nordic Semiconductor. The brand new nRF24Z1, as well as the entire Nordic product line are available through Symmetry Electronics as well as Symmetrys eCommerce site, Availability and pricing The nRF24Z1 is available for limited sampling with volume production scheduled for April 2005 and late-May delivery. The nRF24Z1 is priced very competitively at USD 4.00 in 10K quantities. About Nordic Semiconductor ASA Founded in 1983, Nordic Semiconductor (former Nordic VLSI) has evolved steadily from the traditional ASIC design house into a leading European fabless semiconductor supplier. With world-class IC design expertise focused on RF/mixed-mode and advanced back-end/physical design capabilities, Nordic is currently marketing and selling three product families: a ground-breaking portfolio of standard components for wireless communication, high performance dataconverter IPs and custom design and manufacturing services (ASIC).

Written By: Patty Steiman
VP Operations
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