Aug 20, 2008
Espoo, Finland, 20 August 2008 - Bluegiga's successful access server product family takes a huge step forward as Bluegiga releases the new Access Point 3201 (AP3201) product family. AP3201 enables reliable and secure Bluetooth wireless connectivity between devices and networks. AP3201 utilizes Bluegigas iWRAP Bluetooth software platform together with Bluegigas Linux distribution, enabling integrators and developers to adapt the device simply into any Bluetooth networking application. It is also capable of utilizing Bluegiga Solution Manager (BSM) environment, enabling network managers and administrators to manage, configure and monitor Access Points remotely. This makes the installation and management of medium and large scale systems affordable. AP3201 is powered with Bluegigas WT11 Bluetooth 2.0/2.1+EDR module that enables more than 150 meters connection range and offers users the most advanced performance. It can be configured with software settings for smaller radio cell coverage for optimum networking topologies and performance. The Access Point has built-in Ethernet interface for Internet connectivity and USB connector for extending the device with extra memory, 3GSM/GPRS or Wi-FI USB dongles. AP3201 is available in four different versions: integrated antenna, with external antenna, OEM version without the housing, and custom versions for different software parameters. The device is targeted at Bluetooth medical and healthcare applications, Bluetooth marketing, Point-of-sale, logistics systems, and audio applications. "With our new Access Point product family we bring the Integrators and OEMs our leading expertise in the small form factor, reliability and versatility that the industry has never seen before. AP3201 utilizes Bluegigas advanced iWRAP Bluetooth Interfaces as our extremely successful Access Server product family offering the integrators seamless extension for their existing Bluegiga Access Server networks", comments Tom Nordman, Bluegigas Vice President of Sales and Marketing. Access Point 3201 is available immediately with an ordering code, AP3201. For more information please visit: Contact: Tom Nordman, Vice President of Sales and Marketing Tel. +358 (0)9 435 5060 E-mail: About Bluegiga Technologies Bluegiga Technologies is the world's leading provider of Bluetooth-based Access Solutions and Bluetooth OEM modules. The company was founded in 2000 in Finland and has a sales office in Boston, MA, USA. Bluegiga has an extensive network of qualified distributors and value-added resellers in more than 50 countries. Bluegiga is the innovator of Bluetooth multi-radio access server products and its OEM module offering has seamless co-existence with other wired and wireless technologies, BluRoam, the unique roaming technology for Bluetooth devices and iWRAP, the easy-to-use Bluetooth control interface. Bluegiga and its expertise in the Bluetooth technology, has been a contributing member of the Bluetooth Special Interest Group since the company was founded. For additional information, please visit About Bluetooth Wireless Technology Bluetooth wireless technology is the global short-range of wireless standards for personal connectivity from a wide range of electronic devices. The technology is now available in its fourth version of the core specification and continues to develop, building on its inherent strengths a small-form factor radio, low power, low costs, built-in security, strength, accessibility, and ad hoc networking abilities. The installed Bluetooth devices were over one billion products at the end of 2006, making it the only well-known choice for developers, product manufacturers, and consumers worldwide.

Written By: Kristy Tantillo
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