Antenovas RADIONOVA M10214 GPS RF Antenna Module Selected by Connexion2

Jul 22, 2009
Antenova’s M10214 Provides Greater Location Accuracy for Lone Worker Safety Devices Cambridge, UK, 20 July, 2009 --- Antenova Ltd, the integrated antenna and RF solutions company, announced that Connexion2, manufacturers of the award winning Identicom lone worker device, has selected Antenova’s RADIONOVA M10214 GPS RF Antenna Module for its Identicom i757 and i777 models. "Accuracy, reliability and low power consumption are essential performance requirements for any personal safety device," stated Greg McCray. "The high performance and quick-fix accuracy of the M10214 RF Antenna Module has enabled Connexion2 to meet customer demand to add greater location accuracy for mobile workers, particularly those constantly on the move and in higher risk jobs such as traffic wardens, district nurses, paramedics and cash in transit operatives. The small size and low profile of the M10214 vertical mount form factor has enabled Connexion2 to add GPS to the i757 and i777 models in the same thin and discreet ID card format as in their non-GPS models." "Antenova’s M10214 GPS RF Antenna Module is a complete GPS system solution, including all the RF and antenna in an easy to integrated compact module,” stated Craig Swallow, CEO of Connexion2. “The size, accuracy and reliable performance of the module coupled with the fact that it easily integrated into our existing design and form factor made it the ideal choice for adding GPS to our Identicom lone worker devices." Antenova’s GPS RADIONOVA M10214 RF Antenna Module is a complete GPS system solution in a compact, low profile form factor suitable for embedded mobile device applications. M10214 combines the SiRF GSC3LTf low power GPS receiver IC with Antenova’s high efficiency complementary antenna technology and all front-end components (e.g. low noise amplifier, SAW filters and TCXO) in a single package, fully integrated laminate base module for optimum performance. RADIONOVA M10214 operates on a single 3.6V positive bias supply with low power consumption and available low power modes for further power savings. M10214 is supported by SiRF’s GPS software suite and uses a UART/SPI host processor interface. The low profile connector and optional PCB cut-out allow the small 43x9x4mm3 single package module to be vertically mounted with a low 6mm height requirement. About Antenova Antenova is a leading developer and supplier of integrated antennas and RF solutions for wireless communication and consumer electronic devices. Through its customers and licensee partners, Antenova’s high performance High Dielectric Antenna (HDA®), multi-band mobile broadband and gigaNOVA® standard antennas, along with its industry leading RADIONOVA® RF Antenna modules enable some of the most advanced wireless devices, smartphones, feature phones and wireless notebook computers around the world. Antenova’s integrated antennas and RF solutions are ideally suited for an extensive range of applications, including GSM and CDMA, 3G, GPS, 802.11 a/b/g, Bluetooth®, ZigBee®, WiMAX™ and WiBro. About SemiconductorStore has quickly established itself within the industry by changing the way that design engineers, buyers and engineering students research and buy electronic components online. SemiconductorStore is the eCommerce division of Symmetry Electronics Corporation, a global leader and design-oriented, franchise-authorized distributor of electronic components. By utilizing Symmetry’s experience and capabilities, SemiconductorStore is providing outstanding service and support, in addition to great products, to every one of its customers. About Symmetry Electronics Founded in 1998, Symmetry Electronics is a design-oriented, franchise-authorized distributor of electronic components specializing in serving the Audio/Video, Wireless and Embedded markets. Symmetry Electronics is ISO 9001:2000 certified and serves a worldwide customer base with particular emphasis on North and South America. Combining the service and support of a traditional distributor with the ease and convenience of 24/7/365 research and procurement through our eCommerce site, SemiconductorStore, Symmetry Electronics is developing new ways to service the needs of our customers. For more information on Symmetry Electronics, its suppliers or products. Symmetry Electronics Web Site Posted by:

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