Bluegiga releases Bluetooth low energy product family

Feb 7, 2011
Espoo, February 2, 2011 -- Bluegiga Technologies launches its new Bluetooth low energy product family. Bluegiga's initial Bluetooth low energy products include the BLE112 Bluetooth low energy module and a BLED112 Bluetooth low energy USB dongle. Both products offer everything needed to build a Bluetooth low energy application, including Bluetooth low energy radio, Bluetooth low energy stack, micro controller, and development tools to embed customer applications within the products.

"I think Bluetooth low energy can become a game changer for the low power wireless connectivity market. It enables an entirely new set of innovative applications not feasible with current Bluetooth technology. Applications like health and fitness devices, proximity tags, remote control and sensing, and personal watches will now be able to take advantage of Bluetooth technology", comments Tom Nordman, Bluegiga's VP of sales and marketing.

The BLE112, Bluetooth low energy single mode module, is targeted for sensors and accessories requiring low power connectivity. The BLE112 is a complete, ready to integrate Bluetooth low energy OEM module with antenna, radio, Bluetooth stack and flexible hardware interfaces to connect sensors, displays, or other peripherals. Full customer applications can be embedded within the BLE112 module eliminating the need of an external microcontroller. The BLE112 can be powered by standard 3V coin cell batteries or two AAA batteries and in its lowest power sleep mode only consumes 400nA and can wake from sleep in a few hundred microseconds.

The BLED112 Bluetooth low energy USB dongle is well suited for personal computers or other legacy devices with a USB port that don't support the Bluetooth 4.0 standard. The BLED112 can operate as virtual COM port or USB HID device making it ideal for HID accessories like keyboards and mice as no driver is needed.

With the launch of our Bluetooth low energy product family, Bluegiga sets the standard by providing developers with flexible, easy to use, development tools to embed customer applications within the BLE112 and BLED112. BGScript is a scripting language enabling rapid development of Bluetooth low energy applications that can reside within BLE112 or BLED112 memory, eliminating the need for a separate micro controller. Bluetooth 4.0 allows companies to develop manufacturer specific Bluetooth profiles and with our BGProfile Toolkit developers can tailor the profiles to fit their specific application needs. For even more flexibility Bluegiga will also offer C-level APIs to its Bluetooth low energy stack allowing developers to use standard development tools to create highly customized Bluetooth low energy applications.

"Our Bluetooth low energy product family is a great fit for sensor and device manufacturers wishing to add ultra-low power connectivity to their devices. With the BLE112 and BLED112 we have really strived to create products that are unsurpassed in ease of use while still being powerful and highly flexible. And by the end of 2011 you are going to see a whole family of Bluetooth low energy products addressing a wide variety of applications and markets", says Mikko Savolainen Bluegiga's VP of Product Management.


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