EAD Introduces Active GPS Stubby Antenna With ST (FGPS35216-SM-ST) and RA (FGPS35216-SM-RA) SMA Connectors

Jan 31, 2012
January 2012, Hawthorne, CA - EAD is pleased to introduce an innovative new antenna for GPS applications. The GPS-Stubby is an active GPS stub antenna designed for mobile terminals requiring an external GPS antenna. Especially in applications where a traditional patch antenna with a cable is unsuitable or where the cable will get in the way, the GPS-Stubby provides a cost-effective and compact alternative.
With effective gain of approx 26 dB thanks to an integrated LNA, the GPS-Stubby operates in compact dimensions of 67mm in height by 18.5mm in diameter and is housed in a robust sheath.
EAD GPS-Stubby External Antenna
GPS-Stubby Antenna Features:
  • GPS Stubby Antenna
  • Integrated LNA
  • Durable Plastic Sheath
  • Straight and Right-Angle SMA Versions
  • Ideal for Mobile Terminals
The GPS Stubby Antenna is available with SMA-Male ST (FGPS35216-SM-ST) and SMA-Male RA (FGPS35216-SM-RA) connectors.  For more information and to purchase EAD products, visit SemiconductorStore.com.

EAD is an innovative and creative company specialized in the design and supply of multiband antenna solutions for telemetry and telematics applications. The EAD product line encompasses a wide range of antenna products from miniature handset antennas to wireless access point antennas and a variety of solutions in between.  A range of standard products in the GSM, Cellular, ISM, GPS and Wireless LAN frequency bands is offered to reduce the time and cost of incorporating custom antennas into wireless products and devices.

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