Redpine Signals' Lite-Fi - Ultra Low Power 802.11n - RS9110 Chipset Achieves Wi-Fi Direct Certification

Jan 3, 2011

SAN JOSE, CA – November 9, 2010Redpine Signals, Inc., a leading developer of wireless chipsets and systems, today announced the successful certification of its RS9110 Lite-Fi® design for Wi-Fi Direct™, the Wi-Fi Alliance’s significant new certification program announced on October 25th, 2010.

The Wi-Fi Direct program is an important leap forward in Wi-Fi’s role in connecting devices in an increasing variety of environments – including, in this case, situations where a traditional wireless network does not exist. Wi-Fi Direct-certified devices can connect at any place and at any time with the full capability and security of Wi-Fi – using WPA2™ for security and Wi-Fi Protected Setup™ for simplified connection setup. Redpine has been an early participant and contributor to the program, contributing to the development of the underlying technology itself as well as participating in plugfests leading up to the program’s release, and culminating in the certification of Redpine’s industry-leading, ultra low power 802.11n single stream product.

“We congratulate Redpine Signals on having achieved the Wi-Fi CERTIFIED Wi-Fi Direct designation for the RS9110 Lite-Fi® reference design,” said Edgar Figueroa, chief executive officer of the Wi-Fi Alliance. “Wi-Fi Direct is a compelling new solution, and Redpine has demonstrated its commitment to a good user experience with advanced Wi-Fi solutions by having its products certified.”

Redpine is incorporating the technology underlying Wi-Fi Direct in all of its Maxi-Fi® product line- high performance multi-stream 802.11n covering consumer and networking markets. This new certification will allow enhanced application scenarios and usage models for Wi-Fi technology.

“Redpine’s first 802.11n Wi-Fi product was introduced three years back after over six years of research, significant technical innovations and deployment experience” said Venkat Mattela, CEO of Redpine Signals. “From the launch of our Wi-Fi CERTIFIED™ Single Stream 802.11n product in January 2008, Redpine has played a major role in the prevalence of Wi-Fi in the embedded systems market. Our Wi-Fi eNbedded™ technology, an 802.11n based zero host overhead architecture has paved the way for the adoption of Wi-Fi into a host of devices, from thermostats, VoWi-Fi phones and remote control units to industrial M2M systems and medical instrumentation. And now Redpine’s Wi-Fi Direct solution would enable embedded devices to connect to each other directly, offering them the security, ease of connection, and interoperability that they need from a wireless link,” he added.

“Redpine’s Lite-Fi®, ultra low power 802.11n product exhibits unprecedented performance and power profile in our FanVision handheld product being deployed in stadium environments today,” said Jean Arseneau, CTO of Fanvision Inc. “Lite-Fi® with Wi-Fi Direct™ certification will enable us to create differentiated products to solve much needed density and user experience challenges in sports arenas”, he added.

About Redpine Signals, Inc.

Headquartered in San Jose, California, Redpine Signals, Inc., is a fabless semiconductor and wireless system solutions company focusing on ultra-low-power and high-performance products for next-generation wireless applications. Redpine was founded in 2001 and was the first in the industry to launch an ultra low power and low-cost single-stream 802.11n chipset in late 2007. Redpine offers chipsets, modules and solutions covering multiple market segments including industrial, consumer electronics, medical, mobile, PC, and smart energy. Its technology portfolio includes multi-stream 802.11n along with mobile WiMax (802.16e) and LTE technologies.

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